Arribes de Salamanca cheese

Arribes de Salamanca cheese . Queso Arribes de Salamanca is a guarantee mark authorized in February 2002 .


The main characteristic of this cheese is that it is traditionally made from raw sheep’s milk , with the addition of natural rennet. The maturation and conservation is carried out by master cheesemakers, who despite the advances in technology keep jealous traditional forms of production. It is characterized by its cut appearance, with abundant heterogeneously distributed eyes, a pleasant aroma and a frank flavor, in which acid and salty flavors are perceived within the elementals, with spicy trigeminal sensations. Persistence in the mouthIt is long with slow evolution, leaving a pleasant memory. All the cheese covered under this guarantee mark is subjected to a series of controls that cover the entire production process, from the livestock farm to the dispatch of the final product, guaranteeing its quality. An external and independent certification body certifies our product, guaranteeing compliance with the standards established in its regulations for use. All the cheeses covered under the name are accompanied by this back label, a seal that ensures the quality of the product. The milk production area is the agrarian region of Vitigudino , (sub-regions of La Ramajería , Las Arribes , El Abadengo and Tierra de Vitigudino).

Companies that are part of the guarantee mark

  • Quesos García Calvolocated in the town of Vilvestre .
  • Cogaladlocated in the town of Valderrodrigo .
  • Felipe Hernández Vacas SLlocated in the town of Hinojosa de Duero .
  • Artesanos del Arco Hernándezlocated in the town of Bogajo .
  • Queserías Iglesias SLlocated in the town of Vitigudino .
  • Hacienda Zoritalocated in the town of San Pelayo de Guareña .


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