Aisy cendré cheese

Aisy cheese will yield . French cheese from the Côte-d’Or department (Burgundy region). Its name comes from Aisy-sous-Thil, a nearby city. It is recently created by a company founded in 1954 in Époisses, Burgundy.


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It is made with raw cow’s milk. The tuning takes two weeks, rubbing the bark. It is then wrapped in wood ash, which gives it a grayish color. One covered epoisses young ash of oak for at the least a month. In this way the movement of oxygen inside and outside the cheese is reduced , creating a different texture and taste. Ripens very slowly.


The production of aisy cendré was 7 tons in 1991 . Being made in Époisses, it enjoys a reputation for the city’s manufacturing techniques, although its preparation is very different from that of other local cheeses.


It is a round shaped cheese, with 50% fat . It has an average weight of 230 grams , with a diameter of 110 mm and a height of 35 mm. Bark washed, covered by a thick layer of ash . It has a semi-smooth texture. The cheese has a white, salty, calcareous center, surrounded by a softer outer layer, with a more earthy flavor; hints of walnut and hazelnut. It has a slightly smoky aroma . You need to adjust to room temperature slowly, at least an hour. The ash layer must be removed before serving. The rustic bread goes . Paired with white wine from Burgundy , like aHautes-Côtes-de-Nuits


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