Apps to play a joke on WhatsApp in the Holy Innocents

December 28 is the Day of the Holy Innocents , a day in which it is tradition to make jokes. But not everyone is close to us, so the mobile phone can become our perfect ally. For all this, we are going to show you prank apps so that you can send them by WhatsApp to your friends or family.

With these applications we will have a lot of possibilities to command and thus become the kings of the most specific day of the year for this task.

JuasApp: automated phone pranks

This may be the most popular prank app. It is very easy to use and the joke consists of calling the person of our choice and an automatic and chaotic speech begins . Once the conversation has finished, it will send it to our mobile phone to hear what the result has been.

This joke can be shared by WhatsApp with the person or whoever we want, including a group. It is mostly free, although it has some options that you have to pay for.




With this application we can supplant any type of WhatsApp conversation , making someone else write us, when in reality we are ourselves. It’s a good way to fool a friend by showing them some kind of surreal conversation. You will have no choice but to believe it because you have the conversation in your hand.



This application is similar to JuasApp but with more possibilities. It involves making a phone call and then recording the result . The good thing is that in this case we have more possibilities to interact in the call and the catalog of jokes is greater than that of the application that we showed you before. We can send what was recorded by WhatsApp to laugh with our friends at the way the conversation has developed.



Empty Messages

This application is completely different from what we have seen so far and has an original touch. It is about sending blank messages to the contacts you want through WhatsApp. This will make other people go completely crazy trying to answer you. More than one will call you to tell you that they are not able to read what you are sent, if you want to follow the joke, it is important that you do not laugh when that happens.


Jokes for WhatsApp and compliments

With this application we will surprise our friends by sending them messages with emoticons . We can choose the joke that we like the most, since we have many options to send. All we have to do is browse through the options provided by the app, click on the message that we like the most, choose the contact or group and then send it so that everyone can laugh. It also has more serious sections such as one dedicated to compliments.


Fake Chat Conversations

We can create false conversations to deceive our friends or family and thus play a joke on the Day of the Holy Innocents. Fake voice messages, calls and a fake profile can be made to create a conversation. Once we have finished we just have to send it to the contacts we want, waiting for the joke to be created.


Voice changer with effects

By the name of the application you will have already assumed what it does. Well, yes, it is capable of changing our voice , and we can be the ones to choose which one we want from all the possibilities we have at our disposal. Once we have recorded our modified voice, we can send that recording to any WhatsApp contact without any problem. It allows us to do many more things with that recording, since it gives us the possibility to create an image with sound and share it on Facebook, set it as a ringtone or as a notification sound. We can also create a voice from a text that we have written.


WhatsApp audios

With this application we will have at our disposal an endless number of funny audios to send on the day of jokes. There are all kinds and for all tastes, so we can choose the one that best suits each contact. We listen to the audio and immediately if we like it, we press the share button and thus send it by WhatsApp to the contact we have thought of.



In this case, we once again have an application that allows us to recreate completely false SMS captures, Facebook statuses or WhatsApp and Telegram conversations . We can put what we want and then send it to one of our contacts to make them a little nervous and thus complete our joke.


Prank Dial

This application is dedicated to making phone jokes and as the developers say they have already made more than 200 million internationally. It works very simply, being able to save the calls made, in addition to having a large number of possibilities. It also allows us to put our real phone number on the call or a different one. We have jokes like “You hit my car,” “Stop calling my boyfriend,” or “We have to charge him.” Once the joke is made, we can share it on WhatsApp with whoever we want.



Scare prank

This is the typical scare app. That is, send a video to someone with a friendly, beautiful, peaceful image, so that suddenly and unexpectedly, something that scares the person who is watching it and that was not expected appears on the screen . It has many possibilities so it becomes one of the best apps of its kind. It is present only for iOS, although in Google Play there are many similar applications such as Scary Maze Game, another in which the scares will be present while we are innocently immersed in a maze game.


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