Apple Watch 6: what to expect from the new smartwatch

What to expect from the next evolution of the Apple Watch ?

This is certainly a question that continues to tickle the curiosity of many users fond of Apple’s gadgets, five years after the debut of the first generation of multifunction smartwatches.

Apple Watch 6: when it comes out

Apple Watch 6 , as we know, will debut in September together with the new iPhone 12 (in all its variants), and it seems to promise much more than what is expected. If from an aesthetic point of view it will change little, the hardware and functions related to sleep monitoring and sports activity should make a decisive leap forward.

The news

The new Apple smartwatch will be a much more fitness-oriented device, to the point that it can be used as an all-round sport-watch.

Those who are fond of swimming, running and walking, cycling, yoga and many other disciplines will find good fitness tracking functions in Apple Watch 6, even proposing personalized training plans according to personal needs.


Furthermore, as already mentioned, sleep tracking will be another important function performed in full autonomy by the new smartwatch.

Up to now, in fact, monitoring sleep on Apple wearables has been possible with third-party apps, but not with proprietary solutions: starting from the sixth generation of Watch, we will finally be able to discover the quality of our sleep natively.

Another function that we could discover on board the new device is the tracking of oxygen levels in the blood: those who practice sports on a daily basis will thus be able to notice any anomalies in breathing, giving you a quick remedy.

Is it legitimate, therefore, to think that Apple Watch 6 will increasingly be like a smartwatch for athletes rather than general users?

The answer lies in the middle: we will find ourselves in the presence of a device that shows more and more aptitude for fitness, which however does not deny the basic and advanced functions that we expect in a high-end smartwatch.


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