Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra. It is a non-relational, non- SQL data manager . It uses a style called BigTable and is designed to save value-fields, allowing dynamism in design, but loss for the strictly typing relational paradigm. Being a highly scalable open source distributed database to handle large amounts of data is a key component in cloud computing.


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Servers deployed with Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is successfully deployed in organizations with active datasets and large server clusters , such as:

  • Cisco
  • Cloudkick
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Rack
  • Twitter

Cassandra’s largest group to date contains more than 400 machines.

Features in Apache Cassandra

  • Secondary indexes, an expressive and efficient way to query data through local node storage on the client side
  • Wide support row, up to two million columns per row.
  • Online schema changes – Automated online schema changes in the client APIallow object definitions to be added and modified without the need for a cluster restart


Apache Cassandra is available under the Apache Software v2.0 license and is overseen by a project management committee (PMC), which guides its day-to-day operations, including development and product releases from the community.


“Cassandra Apache is a key component in the cloud computing and other applications that deal with large amounts of data and query high volumes,” said Jonathan Ellis, Vice President of Cassandra Apache. “It is particularly successful in feeding large websites with strong growth rates.” “Running any large website is a constant race between the scaling user base and scaling its infrastructure to support it,” said David King, lead developer at Reddit.



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