Anthology. It is a collection of pieces selected for their value or quality. The anthology, therefore, can consist of a compilation of stories, poems, songs, records, etc.


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An anthology is generally understood to be a gathering of notable artistic works. This gives the public the ability to access high-value individual pieces within a single set or package. In this way, if a person buys an anthology of Swedish poetry from the 20th century , to cite one case, they will be able to read the best poems produced in Sweden in that time period in the same book (or in several volumes, but belonging to the same publication ).

Any anthology that is carried out is important that it be composed of the following parts: cover, presentation, prologue and review.


In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are different types of anthologies. It is true that they can be classified according to the kind of topic or area they address, but also by other criteria. In this sense, we could talk about two large groups of anthologies:

  • The arbitrary ones, which are based on certain writings that the author considers, by his own decision or personal taste, to include them.
  • The partials, which come to be sets of texts that share several links in common.

It is easy to see that an anthology is always arbitrary and biased. In a poetic anthology, how to determine which poems will be part of the set? The same can be said of a painting exhibition: should twenty, thirty or more paintings be exhibited?

Other concepts

The expression “anthology”, on the other hand, makes it possible to refer to something out of the ordinary and, therefore, worthy of being highlighted: “The English striker scored another anthology goal to give his team another victory”.


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