Ant expenses

Ant expenses are small expenses that are not really necessary and that we do repeatedly and almost unconsciously since we do not take into account their effect on our budget .

Ant expenses are small sums of money we spend on everyday pleasures or on things we don’t use. Because they are low amounts of money, we generally do not pay any attention to them and they go virtually unnoticed by us. However, ant expenses can have a very detrimental effect on our budget, destroy our saving capacity and can even lead us to unnecessary indebtedness .

Characteristics of ant expenses

Ant expenses have the following characteristics:

  • They are small sums of money that at first glance seem irrelevant (2 euros will not change my financial situation).
  • They are repeated constantly, daily or monthly.
  • We do not count them for what they usually go unnoticed.
  • They are perfectly avoidable or substitutable expenses for cheaper alternatives.
  • By adding the ant expenses, you get a sum of money that can be considerable. If we save it, we could improve our financial balance or buy another good or service that we value more.

Examples of ant expenses

Some examples of most common ant expenses are:

  • Buy a coffee daily.
  • Chewing gums.
  • Cigarettes
  • Beer in a bar.
  • Have lunch outside.
  • Tips
  • Snacks: cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc.

How to identify ant expenses

In order to face ant expenses, the first thing we have to do is identify them. To achieve this, we must register (write down on a paper or on our mobile) all the small expenses we make per day.

Once identified, we add all the expenses and calculate how much we spend per month. For example, suppose you buy a package of cookies every day before entering work. Cookies only cost 3 euros which seems irrelevant. However, the monthly expense is equivalent to 60 euros. With this money you could buy the coat you need or the gas for the whole month. In addition, we could replace that package of cookies with a sandwich or fruit brought from home.

How to face and decrease your ant expenses

In order to reduce ant expenses, it is not necessary to deprive ourselves of all those tastes or small pleasures that we give ourselves daily. Bad to bad, the money we spend is to meet our needs and tastes. The important thing is to identify which expenses are worthwhile, how we could replace them with a cheaper alternative and eliminate everything that really does not give us enough satisfaction. In this way, we can make better use of our money.

The idea is as follows: Once we have identified the ant expenses we can follow these behavioral guidelines to improve the management of our resources:

  • Record daily expenses even if they are small.
  • Plan how we will spend our money during the month.
  • Set a savings goal (for example, save 100 euros a month to make a trip or buy a pair of shoes).
  • Separate a certain amount of money for superfluous expenses of the month (2% of our salary, for example).
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