Anosmia consists in partial or total loss of smell . This disturbance can occur either temporarily or permanently . While not compromising health, anosmia could lead to a reduction in interest in food, and related to it, problems with weight loss, depression and malnutrition.

What are the remedies for anosmia?

In case of pathological anosmia , a few days are sufficient for a spontaneous resolution . If there is no healing, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic therapy. Rarely, and usually after 60 years of age, anosmia can manifest itself permanently : in this case there is no remedy.

What are the diseases associated with anosmia?

The diseases usually associated with anosmia are:

  • nasal polyposis
  • cold
  • sinusitis

Anosmia, when to go to your doctor?

After a few days, if the anosmia had not resolved spontaneously, it will be good to request a medical consultation.

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