Annex: Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments. This name designates the set of devices, instruments and equipment that are used by the surgeon during the performance of a surgical intervention . They are generally made from stainless steel alloys , a material highly resistant to corrosion . Correct sterilization of the instruments is essential before each operation, otherwise there is a risk of transmitting cross infections to the healthy patient.


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Main article: Surgery .

Surgery is a medical specialty that uses manual and instrumental operating techniques on a patient, with the aim of investigating or treating diseases or injuries. The goal of surgery is to improve body function or appearance, although there may be others. The act of performing a surgery can also be called a surgical procedure or operation, which can be performed on a person or an animal. The duration will depend on the matter to be treated, and may be from minutes to hours.

Types of Surgery

They are classified according to the urgency, the type of procedure, the degree of invasiveness, the part of the body involved and the specialized instrumentation. Elective surgery is performed to correct life-threatening conditions at the request of the patient. Emergency surgery is one that is performed quickly to save lives, body parts, or functional abilities. Exploratory surgery is performed to diagnose or confirm a diagnosis. A therapeutic surgery treats previously diagnosed conditions.
Amputation is responsible for cutting body parts such as limbs and fingers, while reimplantation is concerned with reattaching those that have been cut. Reconstructive surgery is one that reconstructs a damaged, deformed, or mutilated part of the body. Cosmetic surgery improves the appearance of a normal structure. Excision is the job of cutting an organ, tissue, or other part of a person’s body. Transplant surgery replaces an organ or part of a person’s body with one from another person, or sometimes an animal.
Bone surgery, which repairs fractures and corrects deformations of the bones and joints. Plastic surgery, which corrects malformations and restores the function of many organs, is also important. So there are other surgeries that cover other areas or parts of the body. Surgeries are also classified according to the part of the body involved. Thus, the operation to the heart is called cardiac surgery , organ of the digestive system , digestive surgery , bones or muscles, orthopedic surgery , etc.


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