Animal rain

The rain of animals . It is a subject that usually appears in literature and cinema and it is a strange meteorological phenomenon . This happens when frogs , [Fish | fish]], birds and other animals fall from the sky and often, during the descent and due to the strong speed , end up on the ground frozen or dead.


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Going back to Ancient Egypt, with the controversial papyrus of Alberto Tulli, and which is said to record strange phenomena along with the appearance of what ufological literature interprets as a UFO . More particularly, the fall of fish and birds from the sky is also recorded.
In the 4th century BC, the Greek author Athenaeum mentions a fish rain that lasted three days in the Queronea region, in the Peloponnese. In the 1st century , the writer and naturalist Pliny the Elder described the rain of pieces of meat, blood and other animal parts as wool. Finally, in the Middle Ages, the frequency of the phenomenon in certain regions led people to believe that fish were born as adults in the heavens, and immediately fell into the sea.
Other phenomena that have been recorded have the same history . For example, the Bible documents an event in ancient Egypt where the frogs were sent from him to proceed with the liberation of the enslaved Egyptian people as a form of punishment for social oppression.
There is also a passage in the Bible when Joshua, during a battle, receives a rain of rocks from the heavens.
The Bible evokes other heavenly interventions of this type, such as the appearance of frogs, in one of the ten plagues in Egypt (Exodus 8: 5,6).
For this type of phenomenon there is no scientific explanation supported by the entire community. However, there is a strong consensus on the possibility thatStrong winds or the formation of tornadoes lead to the collection of animals, making them finally descend from a high altitude once the effect has subsided.
Fish, toads, frogs … Throughout history, there have been many times when there has been talk of rain of animals and objects of all kinds. The explanations have been varied.
Logically, animal rains were without scientific explanation for a long time, while hypotheses were developed ranging from logical attempts to explain the phenomenon, to the absurd. In the fourth century BC. C., the Greek philosopher TeofrastoHe denied the existence of rain of toads, simply explaining that the toads do not fall during the rain, but that the latter makes them come out of the ground.
In the 16th century , Reginald Scot ventured to hypothesize. According to him, «it is true that some creatures are generated spontaneously, and do not need parents. For example these frogs come from nowhere. They were carried by the rain. These creatures are born from downpours … ». In the 19th century , evaporation from water was thought to carry frog eggs to the clouds, where they hatched and fell to the ground in a shower.


Animal rain is an extraordinary meteorological phenomenon, consisting of the fall from the sky of numerous animals, often of a single species. Sometimes they have even fallen trapped inside blocks of ice , thus demonstrating that before falling, their height was very high, where the ambient temperature was below 0 ° C. This atypical precipitation may or may not be accompanied by common rain. The phenomenon has occurred in many regions throughout history. Testimonies of it have been recorded in different times and countries, which has given rise to many legends and controversies.

== News ==

Most often, these “rains” are made up of fish or frogs, although there are stories that mention some species of birds …

Thanks to the written press , in the modern era many testimonies have been generated , attested by a greater number of people, which increases their reliability.

Examples of happened animal rain

  1. In 1578 , large yellow mice fell on the Norwegian city of Bergen. According to a certain John Collinges, a rain of toads hit the English village of Acle, in Norfolk. The local innkeeper withdrew them by the hundreds.
  2. The November of July of 1836 , a professor of Cahors sent a letter to the French Academy of Sciences, saying, “This cloud thundered on the road, a few fathoms sixties where we were two gentlemen who came from Tolosa, our destination. and that they were exposed to the storm, they were forced to wear their coats; but the storm surprised and scared them, since they were victims of a rain of toads! They accelerated their march and rushed; upon finding the diligence they told us what that had just happened to them. I saw then that when they shook their coats in front of us, little toads fell. “
  3. In 1859 , a witness to a fish shower in the town of Mountain Ash sent a specimen to the London Zoo . JE Gray, director of the British Museum, stated that “in light of the facts, it is most likely a joke: one of Mr. Nixon’s employees has emptied a bucket full of fish on him, and the latter he thought they fell from the sky ».

On February 16, 1861, the city of Singapore suffered an earthquake, followed by three days of heavy rains. After the end of the rains, the inhabitants of Singapore saw that in the puddles there were thousands of fish …

  1. The 16 of February of 1861 , the city of Singapore suffered an earthquake, followed by three days of rain plentiful. After the end of the rains, the inhabitants of Singapore saw that thousands of fish were in the puddles. Some of them claimed to have seen them fall from the sky, although others were more reserved when giving their testimony. When the waters receded, other fish were found in the puddles that had dried up, in places that had not been flooded.
  2. Scientific American magazine records a shower of snakes reaching 45 centimeters in length in Memphis on January 15 , 1877 . In the United States , more than fifteen animal rainfall events were recorded in the 19th century alone .
  3. In [June | June]] of 1880 , a rain of quails fell on Valencia ( Spain ).
  4. In Minneapolis , there was a rain of frogs and toad in July of 1901 .
  5. The 7 of September of 1953 , thousands of frogs fell from the sky over Leicester in Massachusetts , United States.
  6. In [[1968], the Brazilian newspapers recorded a rain of meat and blood, over a relatively large area.
  7. Canaries dead fell in the town of St. Mary’s City in Maryland , USA, in January of 1969 . According to the Washington Post newspaper of January 26 of that year, the flight of the canaries was suddenly interrupted, as if there had been an explosion, which no one saw or heard.
  8. In 1978 , crabs rained down in New South Wales, Australia .
  9. In 2002 , fish rained down in Greece . Le Monde wrote: ” Athens is not always beautiful, and even less so are the mountains in northern Greece. But storms sometimes have the good taste to help smile and dream. On Tuesday, hundreds of little fish have rained on the village of Korona, in the high mountains “
  10. In 2007 , a rain of small spiders in Salta, Argentina .
  11. In 2007 rain of frogs in the Rebolledo in Alicante .
  12. In 2008 rain of animals such as frogs and fish in the Taperal de Beniganim, Valencia.

Scientific explanation

Science has long since discarded many of the explanations offered to it; for considering them exaggerated, unreliable or not verifiable.
But … what is the explanation of the animal rain? The first reliable hypothesis of this phenomenon was given by the French physicist Andre-Marie Ampere , who proposed that it was the action of violent winds that captured the animals on land and raised them, to return them again at a certain distance from their place of origin.
More recently, another explanation involves waterspouts and even tornadoes , which allowed capturing objects.and animals, and transport them by air over great distances.
The winds are capable of collecting the animals present on a relatively large surface, and they drop them, en masse and in a concentrated way, on localized points. More specifically, some tornadoes and waterspouts could completely dry up a pond, to further drop the water and wildlife contained in it, in the form of animal rain.
This hypothesis appears reaffirmed by the nature of the animals of these rains: small and light, generally arising from the aquatic environment, such as batrachians and fish. The fact that animal rain is often preceded by a storm is also reassuring.
This apparent anomaly could be explained in the case of birds, if the waterspout crosses a particular flock that is in full flight, especially in times of migration.
In some cases, different causes have been alleged for some alleged fish rains. For example, in the case of the fish rain in Singapore in 1861, the French naturalist Francis de Laporte de Castelnau explains that the shower took place during a cat-fish migration, and that these animals are capable of crawling on land, to go from one puddle to another; such as eels, which can travel several kilometers in wet meadows, or pike that will reproduce in flooded fields. In addition, he explains that the fact of having seen the fish on the ground immediately after the rain is only a coincidence, since these animals usually move on the ground wet with dew, or after a shower or flood.
Among the non-scientific explanations of the phenomenon are paranormal interpretations that allege interventions by extraterrestrial beings. Indeed, there is no shortage of authors who describe these visitors as collecting large numbers of animals as ballast, and then dropping them before leaving this planet. The rains of blood and meat would be linked to a selection made by the visitors, to lighten their warehouses.
Supernatural explanations also persist, which may be religious in nature. Depending on the type of object or animal that falls to the ground, the phenomenon is perceived either as a punishment, as in the case of the stones that fell on the Amorite army in the Old Testament; or as a providential sign of divine goodness, when it comes to edible animals.
However, there are some details that could not be explained. For example, that the animals are still alive sometimes after the fall, and some of them in perfect condition.
Another aspect is that normally each animal rain manifests with a single species at a time, almost never mixing them or including algae or other plants . As noted by William R. Corliss: “… the mechanism of transport , whatever its nature , prefer to select a single species of fish or frogs, or that animal that is on the menu of the day” ,
so … There will still remain some mystery around a phenomenon that unfortunately, nobody has managed to record yet.


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