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Andy Williams . Was born on 3 of December of 1927 in Wall Lake , Iowa .It was a pop singer, has 18 gold albums, three platinum, has performed with Ray Charles , Elton John , Ella Fitzgerald , Simon and Garfunkel, Mama Cass and Michael Jackson . Ronald Reagan , President of the United States , declared that Andy’s Voice Was A “national treasure.” He had his own television show from 1962 to 1971 . And also his own theater, the Moon River Theater in Branson , Missouri .


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Artistic career

The career of Howard Andrew Williams, famous by his stage name Andy Williams, properly began, in 1952 . In this first stage of his important artistic career, he registered for the record company RCA, the number of six LP-type discs, but none would jump to the success of popularity. After appearing on the “Steve Allen Show” in 1955 , Andy Williams signed a major contract to record with the record label “Cadence Records”, a small corporation with commercial registration in New York City , led by Archie Bleyer , arranger and conductor born in the town of Corona in the state of New York , in June 1909. . In terms of popularity, the “Cadence” era was the peak of Andy Williams through songs that the artist introduced to the Columbia label, which would go on to become his most admirable and greatest record hits.

These recordings are preceded by his third single “Atardecer Canadiense” published in 1956 , which became the hit of the year, followed by “Mariposa”, registered as a hit by the important magazine “Billboard.” Later, new and more surprising hits would arrive. , among them the well-known and popular song “La Boda Hawaiiana”, followed by “Eres Sincera”, “La Villa de San Bernadette” and “Calle Solitaria.” All of this, before Andy Williams went to Columbia Records year 1961. Two of the ten hits of the Cadence era, “Mariposa” and “Me Gusta tu Amor” were not included in the new edition of Columbia’s greatest hits of the 70s.

Barnaby Records

In 1968 , even though Andy Williams was still under contract with Columbia, he decided to found a separate company called “Barnaby Records” not only to handle the re-release of Cadence’s material, but also to launch young talents from the popular song. During the 1960s, Andy Williams became one of the most popular vocalists in the United States , signing the most significant record deal of the day. He was fundamentally a successful artist who, together with Frank Sinatra , Johnny Mathis and Elvis Presley , won the most gold records in the musical history of the United States and, for1973 , he would obtain 18 awards consisting of a Gold Record. Among his successes for this time, the following stand out: “Rio de Luna”, “Days of Wine and Roses” “Dear Heart”, “The Shadow of your Smile”, “Love” and “Love Story”, among others. In these latest recordings Andy Williams “exhibits incredible vocal technique” along with an extraordinary ability to make each performance of his a creation. Often an unsurpassed version of the original singer’s version. These attributes, coupled with his natural affinity for the music of the sixties and early seventies, combine to make him one of the most listened to singers of that time. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain , Andy Williams reached the highest level on the hits page until 1978. The LP’s “I Can’t Help You Fall In Love” ( 1970 ), “The Andy Williams Show” ( 1970 ) “The Home of the Beloved Man” ( 1971 ), “Lonely” ( 1973 ), “The Way We Went” ( 1974 ) and “Reflections” ( 1978 ) managed to reach the peak of popularity. In 1968 , Columbia released a 45-rpm Single with two songs by Andy Williams singing at the funeral of Robert F. Kennedy, his friend “Ave Maria” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, which would never be recorded in long-playing records.

The Andy Williams Show

Based on his experience with Allen and some short variety shows from the fifties. Andy started his own weekly television Variety Show in 1962 and became the star of it. The Andy Williams Show won three Emmys for an Outstanding Variety Show. His “Special Christmases” that began from 1974 and intermittently until the nineties, were among the most popular in this genre. Andy Williams recorded eight Christmas-themed albums. In the 1990s, Andy Williams opened Andy Williams’ The Moon River Theater in Branson , Missouri , doing 8-12 shows a week in the spring, fall and Christmas season. Occasionally toured Europeand Japan during winters and summers. In November of each year he presents his Annual Christmas Concert at the Rio Luna Theater of his property, followed by a mini Christmas tour throughout the United States . In 2002 , he sang a duet with British vocalist Denise Van Outen . All his hits are compiled on CD from 1997 to 2006 . Among these hits is the song “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” In 2007 , Andy Williams appeared in a few episodes of “Como el Mundo Gira”, staged at the “Rio Luna” theater. During the summer of that same year, he completed a fully sold UK tour ofGreat Britain in which he performed his hit “I’ve Told You Recently.” Andy Williams, returned to the UK hit parade of Great Britain in December 2007 , with his 1963 hit “This is the most wonderful time this year”, and thanks to the hype from Marks and Spencer, he reached the position 21, as well as reached number 108 in the Hit Parade of the United States . Andy William was born in the town of Wall Lake , in the state of Iowa on December 3, 1927 , to the present he has completed his eightieth anniversary of successful and healthy existence.


  • 1959 – Andy Williams Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein
  • 1959- Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen
  • 1959- Lonely Street
  • 1959- To You Sweetheart, Aloha
  • 1959- Two Time Winners
  • 1960 – The Village of Bernadette
  • 1961 – Under Paris Skies
  • 1962 – Danny Boy and Other Songs I Love to Sing
  • 1962- Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes
  • 1962- Warm and Willing
  • 1963 – The Andy Williams Christmas Album
  • 1963- Days of Wine and Roses
  • 1964 – The Wonderful World of Andy Williams
  • 1964- The Academy Award Winning “Call Me Irresponsible”
  • 1964- The Great Songs From “My Fair Lady”
  • 1965 – Dear Heart
  • 1965- Merry Christmas
  • 1966 – The Shadow of Your Smile
  • 1966- In the Arms of Love
  • 1967 – Born Free
  • 1967- Love, Andy
  • 1968 – Honey
  • 1969 – Happy Heart
  • 1969- Get Together With Andy Williams
  • 1970 – The Andy Williams Show
  • 1970- Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘on My Head
  • 1971- Love Story
  • 1971 – You’ve Got a Friend
  • 1972- Alone Again (Naturally)
  • 1972 – Love Theme From “The Godfather”
  • 1973 – Solitaire
  • 1973- The Sound of Music
  • 1974 – You Lay So Easy on My Mind
  • 974- The Way We Were
  • 1974- Christmas Present
  • 1975 – The Other Side of Me
  • 1976- Andy
  • 1986 – Close Enough for Love
  • 1990 – I Still Believe in Santa Claus
  • 1991 – Nashville
  • 1997- We Need a Little Christmas
  • 1997 – It’s a Wonderful Christmas
  • 1998 – Branson City Limits
  • 2001 – Andy Williams Live: Christmas Treasures
  • 2002 – Easy Does It
  • 2007 – I Don’t Remember Ever Growing Up
  • 2009 – Andy Williams Sings
  • 2009- The Andy Williams Christmas
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