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Hitman 3 puts the finishing touch to a very special trilogy with the most inspired levels of the three installments and a good closing to its plot.

Hitman is a veteran videogame saga, one of the few survivors of the stealth “genre” that is still in the spotlight today thanks to its latest trilogy that, with Hitman 3 , puts an end to the story of Agent 47, at least for now, with IO Interactive taking its first steps in other projects like its recently announced 007-based title .

Today, in Vandal, we are going to talk to you about what we thought was the last installment of these three episodes that began to be published in 2016 and are now reaching their final chapter that allows us to enjoy the most rounded game to date , with the levels better designed in recent years (at least from our point of view) and with improvements here and there that have made us enjoy putting on a disguise like never before , infiltrating a place and eliminating our targets in a thousand and one different ways.

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The last tango of Agent 47

We are not going to summarize the plot of this latest Hitman trilogy because it is quite likely that one or more of you have decided to wait for its final episode to play it in its entirety from beginning to end and discover everything that this new adventure of Agent 47 has to give us. .


What we will tell you is that we are facing the last tango (at least for now), of the most iconic assassin in the world of video games, closing a cycle in a quite convincing way and that leaves us wanting more Hitman even if it is in a distant future, since the saga also shows some signs of exhaustion after the last 5 years loaded with titles and content.

In general we are satisfied with how the rest of the story is told , a plot that acquires more importance during the missions and that is not limited to being present simply in the interludes. Of course, do not expect a great thriller or anything too convoluted, since the greatest qualities of Hitman are not so much in what he tells us but in everything we can do during our games.

‘Hitman 3’ closes the saga well at the plot and playable level at the optimal moment in which it begins to show signs of exhaustion.

The best Hitman levels

Something that we have loved about this new installment is the design of each and every one of the levels that we have had to face, counting, for us, with the best design of the latest installments , both at an artistic level and in challenges, options, possibilities, size and all the intra-stories and opportunities that they offer us so that we can take advantage of them with Agent 47.

We have had a great time in each and every one of the areas that we have had to visit and they have also found space for moments not so common in the saga, with more plot during the missions and some situations (in very specific moments) to those that we are not so used to. In fact, we believe that in this installment there are two of the best levels in the history of Hitman , one of them for the setting and the subplots that it offers us around the entire level and the other for the great possibilities that there are at the playable level. , being as large as it is complex and rich in options. We are not going to tell you the two names so that you can discover them for yourself and you can enjoy these pleasant surprises.

‘Hitman 3’ has some of the most inspired and best designed levels not only in this trilogy, but in the entire saga as well.

In addition, of course, each and every one of the locations keeps a lot of secrets , paths, details and stories that will allow us to learn more about our victims, eliminate them in spectacular ways and, ultimately, give us a deep replayability that allows us to enjoy a and again of the freedom characteristic of the saga, regardless of whether we want to play with more or less help or plan the missions in one way or another. As for the duration, a first round for all the locations will take you about 7 or 8 hours but its high replayability means that you can get much more fun time.

Of course, despite this, the objectives or how the missions are raised in certain places remind us of approaches in past games and show the logical signs of exhaustion of a saga that has been three games in just 5 years , so we are even more IO Interactive’s decision to close a loop in history and let Agent 47 rest indefinitely is right.

Completing the first round will take us about 7 or 8 hours but its high replayability allows us to enjoy much more playing time.

Shortcuts and a new camera as a companion

As we mentioned in our impressions, the main novelties at the playable level of Hitman 3 are two, a camera that accompanies us at all times and permanent shortcuts. The camera, in addition to being able to take photos , allows us to carry out certain interesting actions such as hacking security mechanisms , scanning documents or other objects and even activating QR codes to obtain more information on a specific location.

As for the permanent shortcuts, they are doors, stairs or other routes that we can unlock during our game and that remain active in our subsequent visits at the same level, so if, for example, we open a special door to be able to access a certain way more quickly place in our first journey in a location, this door will remain open and will allow us to use it as a shortcut when we replay this level to learn more stories, find other objectives …

Next-gen performance

Hitman 3 is an intergenerational title with some obvious improvements in this latest installment that works perfectly on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S at 60 fps alongside HDR (4K native resolution on Series X, 1800p on PS5 and 1080p on Series S) counting with several improvements in the next-gen such as smoother animations, improvement in the behavior of the AI ​​of the enemies or the technology of crowds of the Glacier engine that allows to have up to 300 characters in the same location , a crowd that we have been able to observe in one of the levels that we liked the most about this installment.

In another location called Ghongging we have been able to see how far this engine can go in terms of lighting , with all kinds of shops, neon lights and alleys where we have been able to enjoy the best Hitman technical finish .

The ‘Hitman’ engine looks better than ever in this installment and allows us to have up to 300 people in the same location.

At the performance level, we have tested the game on PS5 and we have not noticed any drops at any time , not even in scenarios where many people were concentrated in the same point, so the optimization work of IO Interactive is very good. Of course, during the games we found a bug in the sound (the music stopped abruptly on some occasions) and on a couple of occasions the game froze . Taking into account that we have played more than eight hours we are not facing anything serious and we hope that it is solved with the launch patch (luckily the autosaves covered our backs in both cases). Also, finally, if you want to know how it performs on PC you can read our experience inthese impressions that we published a few days ago .


Hitman 3 is probably the best game in the latest Agent 47 trilogy , a round title that has some of the best levels in the saga , a multitude of possibilities, freedom of movement and new tools to spice up the playable formula a bit. We are facing a remarkable work although some signs of exhaustion are also beginning to be noticed in the saga, so we think even better the decision of IO Interactive to conclude this trilogy by the front door and let our favorite killer take a well-deserved vacation .

Of course, Hitman lovers will really enjoy this installment that is also highly recommended for all those who want to play a stealth title, some action and in which it is the player himself who can really choose how to wear carry out the objectives of each mission.


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