Ana (old unit of length)

Ana. Old unit of length , especially used in European countries , is considered a historical unit of measurement, currently replaced by the meter , which belongs to the International System of Units .


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The word Ana, known as the proper noun of people, is of Greek origin, meaning “above”, it is one of the many units created by man given the need to make measurements, in this case, of the magnitude known as length , its value varies according to the locality in which it is applied. In Spain it was introduced from Belgium , it spread to some of its regions such as Aragon , Valencia and Catalonia . Also to some of the old Spanish colonies, as is the case of Cuba .


Equivalence in different countries:

country Equivalence
Germany ( Berlin ) 0.6670 m
Austria 0,7792 m
Baden 0.500 m
Bavaria 0.8330m
Belgium 0.6950 m
Cuba 1,1666 m.
Denmark 0.6277 m
Spain 0.6950 m
France 1,188 m
England (for fabrics) 0.3810 m
Sweden 0.5938 m
Switzerland 1.20 m (anne)
Switzerland (Bern) 0.5420 m

There is also the Prussian Ana that is equivalent to 0.666 m.

Terminology Note

This unit of ancient use in Europe comes from the proper name of a person (Ana), so its name is always capitalized.


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