What Is Amadou; How To Make Amadou With Easy Steps

Amadou is very useful material and can be easily prepared. It may be obtained from several sorts of fungi, especially from the different species of Polyporus. These hard and corky fungi should be cut into slices, the outer bark being removed with a sharp knife.

The slices must then be beaten soft with a mallet until the substance can easily be’ pulled asunder between the fingers. In this state it is valuable for stopping haemorrhages, and for other surgical purposes.

It may also beacon verted into tinder by boiling it in a strong solution of nitre, drying it, and heating it again. To
increase its power, the process may be repeated. It may also be rendered very inflammable by saturating it with gunpowder. The German tinder used by tobacconists is amadou soaked in nitre.Corn-plasters also are made of amadou,one side of which is washed over with a strong gum, in order that the plaster may adhere to the foot.


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