How To Get Rid of Ants In Your House;Proven Method

How To Get Rid of Ants In Your House? You must be thinking about this question,because you are troubling with ants in your house that can disturb your food,and kitchen.There are some very effective remedies to eliminate ants, . Of course the best thing would be to prevent the ants enter the house by sealing sugar, bread and all those products that can attract them.

How To Get Rid of Ants In Your House Naturally?

Where these are found troublesome in houses, they may be destroyed in the following manner:— Sprinkle a slightly moist sponge with dry white sugar. The ants will go into the cells of the sponge in numbers, and the sponge may then
be thrown into boiling water, squeezed out, and sugared again, till all the ants are destroyed; or, they may be destroyed by pouring ammonia-cal gas water in their runs* and nests ; and also in meadows, by the following simple
method :

Cut off the hillocks with a sharp spade, leaving a little mold to form a basin ; then pour in strong ammoniacal liquor; this will be found the easiest and best method of getting rid of these troublesome little pests; or, again, slightly bruise some sage-leaves and strew them about the spots infested with ants, and in a short time they will disappear.

A French agriculturist, M. Garnier,has just announced what he calls an infallible method forgetting rid of ants.
In a corner of his garden infected with legions of these insects, he placed four saucers containing sugar – and – water,with the tenth of its weight of arsenic in the mixture. ’ A number of ants immediately invaded the saucers, and
were soon after seen staggering away;on the following day not a single one was to be found.

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