Alone against IMA, the 10th chapter of Marvel’s Avengers

Face Solo against IMA in Marvels Avengers

After  A personal improvement , it will be the turn to go all out against IMA , in this case controlling Iron Man . Once you have control of Tony , it will be time to tour the city. Needless to say, the objective will be the IMA tower. However, in this open area you can look for different objectives to face enemy soldiers, among many other extras such as chests.

Be that as it may, you will have to get to the aforementioned tower, where you will have to stand on an illuminated area so that JARVIS  can hack the signal. As a tip, before going to this area, you will have to kill the 4 turrets (2 on each side) so they do not bother you. That said, it’s time to give everything to spend as much time as possible (watch your health).

Once you get 100%, it will be time to kill all the enemies, using all the Skills that are available to kill them as soon as possible. After this, it will be time to enter the tower.

Marvel’s avengers

Insured asset

Once inside the building, open all the chests and explore the area before entering the elevator. You will have here a loading screen that will take you to the basement of the tower. As soon as you leave, kill all the enemies in this area. It is worth mentioning that before moving forward you can go through the entire plant in search of different resources and items.

Be that as it may, go to the indicated door to enter the ARK reactor, where you will have to destroy all the circuits. You will have to go to the 4 points indicated and finish with all the modules (2 per zone) until they fully explode. It may seem easy, but you will be surrounded by enemies that will constantly attack you.

To be able to advance in this area without problems, it is advisable to kill some enemies, kill the modules and, when you are surrounded, go to the next circuit and hit it until the enemies arrive and start again. In this way, you will be able to complete the mission and that of the Hulk  and Kamala  in  The Dogs of War will begin .

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