Can the 10th generation cpu be installed with win7?

Can win7 be installed on 10th generation cpu? The editor here can tell you responsibly that the 400 series and 500 series motherboards with intel 10th generation cpu can install win7, but during the installation of WIN7, the USB device cannot be used and the nuclear display driver is not available. It needs to be installed on a new win7 model. And you need to turn off the “Secure Boot” option. If it is a solid-state drive with an NVME interface, 0x000007b will appear during the installation of WIN7. The hard disk cannot be found blue screen.

Special attention is that many manufacturers of z490/b460 motherboards do not support the traditional mode. Install win7 in uefi mode, so you need to integrate the graphics card driver into the system when installing win7, so how to install win7 system on intel 10th generation cpu? The following computer system city editor will conduct a comprehensive analysis and answer to this question.

Whether the 10th generation cpu can install win7 for analysis :

  1. At present, the 10th generation cpu is matched with 400 and 500 series motherboards and can install win7.
  2. The prerequisite for installing win7 is that “safe boot” must be turned off and “csm compatibility mode” must be turned on when there is csm compatibility mode, but some motherboards have not supported traditional mode and compatibility mode options. At this time, we will involve One problem is that if the compatibility mode is not turned on, the pure uefi environment installation of win7 may cause the card logo to remain unchanged, and we need to inject the usb driver and the graphics card driver in advance. Of course, if you use the G version to call the driver for automatic installation during or after deployment, it will be fine.
  3. Even if the above conditions are met, another key point is that due to the limitation of intel, the 10th generation cpu of Lenovo will appear 0x000000a5 blue screen when installing win7 due to the limitation of bios. This has happened a lot in the past.
  4. The above analysis suggests that all operations should be performed on an assembled machine or a desktop computer. It is not recommended to try to change the notebook of the 10th generation CPU. In addition to the lack of a secure boot option for some notebooks with a 10th generation CPU, even if the installation is successful, there may not be any options. Wireless network card driver and other touchpad drivers.

Notes for installing win7 on the 10th generation CPU : If you encounter problems , you can add a group to solve it. Group number: 630118309

  1. Most of the 400 series b460/z490 motherboards do not support the traditional mode. You can only install win7 in uefi mode. Note that the compatibility mode cannot be turned on in uefi mode and there is no option to turn on it, so you need to use the one on this site when installing win7. The mirror image plus the solution card LOGO solution processing, otherwise when installing win7, it will be stuck in the startup picture item and will not be able to enter the system. If there is an independent display, you must remember to enable the csm compatibility mode to install WIN7 first. If the uefi mode does not have the csm compatibility mode, then use the check solution card LOGO solution to deal with it.
  2. It is necessary to pay attention to “turn off security on” in the bios. Assembling the machine with the independent display needs to open csm, the brand machine cannot open csm by default, you can use this tutorial ( Lenovo desktop 10th generation / 11th generation cpu to enable csm to install win7 system method tutorial (original first release)).
  3. Note that only 64-bit operating systems can be used to install win7 in uefi mode. To install win7 partition type in uefi mode, use gpt partition.
  4. When installing win7 in uefi mode, if the integrated graphics card is used, csm can not be turned on, but if you use the independent display with the csm option, you must remember to turn it on. Currently supporting win7 sets are: i3 10100, i3 10105 and some i5 10400cpus (CPUs above 10400 need to be equipped with a discrete graphics card to install win7), the latest tenth generation i5 10400 has two different stepping versions, one is Q0, the other It is G1, the Q0 version is based on a complete 10-core chip (about 200 square millimeters in area), shielding 4 of the cores. The other G1 version is a native 6-core chip, which is almost the same as the previous nine-generation 6-core. Therefore, it supports the 10th generation integrated display driver. The i5-10400 and i5-10400F have both Q0 stepping (numbered SRH79, SRH78) and G1 stepping (numbered SRH3D, SRH3C). Be careful when purchasing. In addition, the CPU above 10400 can buy a bright machine card (such as GT 730, the performance is a bit stronger than the uhd 630 graphics card driver) to install win7. Special attention: i3 10100 and i3 10105 install win7 and use the integrated display to match 400 series motherboards, 500 series motherboards With i3 10100 and i3 10105, it is not possible to install win7 with integrated graphics, and it also needs to be equipped with a discrete graphics card driver.
  5. How to solve the problem of card logo (clover) if there is no csm mode when installing win7 in uefi mode, the following tutorial focuses on the problem of installing win7 card logo in uefi.
  6. If there is an I219 network card ( intel 219-V, 219 points 17 version 1-7 version is OK, 8-17 version is not good, if there is an exclamation mark or X after installing win7 on the I219-V network card, you can add a group to solve it, group No.: 606616468 ), you can also follow this tutorial to solve the B460/Z490 motherboard with win7 without Intel I219-v network card driver or exclamation mark solution

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Steps to install win7 on 10th generation cpu :

  1. Preparations before installation
  2. Backup all important files of the hard disk (note: data will be lost when GPT partition is converted to MBR partition)
    2. U disk of about 8G : It is recommended to make a small soldier U disk boot disk creation tool(PE features: 1, no bundled with any software Boot disk. 2. Support LEGACY/UEFI dual boot. 3. One-key installation automatically injects nvme+usb3.x driver ) Xiaobing U disk boot disk making video tutorial
  3. Support 10th generation cpu system download: WIN7 new model image download(1, the new model integrates USB3.1 driver to solve the problem that the USB device cannot be recognized during the installation process. 2, Newly supports the 10th generation cpu usb driver and integrated display driver )


  1. The 10th generation cpu installs win7 system bios settings ( MSI new motherboard BIOS settings) steps (an important step to install WIN7 ) take the MSI motherboard as an example, and the methods for other motherboards are the same
  2. Restart the computer and press the [DEL] key or F2 continuously to enter the BIOS settings, select Setting, select Advanced-Integrated Peripherals in turn, change the default RAID mode of SATA mode to AHCI mode, and solve the problem that PE cannot be found. The problem that the hard disk cannot be found in the hard disk and the system, as shown in the following figure;
  3. Return to the “sittings” option, select “Security” on the right and press Enter to enter the settings, change the default enabled of Secure Boot to disabled to turn off secure boot, and install win7 must turn off secure boot, as shown in the following figure;
  4. Press the keyboard to switch to the “sittings” option, select the “Advanced Options” on the right and press Enter to enter the settings, change the default uefi of the BIOS UEFI/CSM Mode to the csm option to enable csm (Note: the motherboard above b460 is using the independent display Remember to turn it on when there is a csm option), as shown in the following figure;
  5. After changing the bios , press F10 on the keyboard to save, as shown in the figure below;
  6. Insert the U disk boot disk, restart and keep pressing F11, and select the recognized U disk boot item (the default is uefi U disk boot and traditional mode, here remember that if you want to start uefi, you must make a U disk that supports uefi to boot), Enter, as shown in the figure below;


  1. The 10th generation cpu installed win7 uses uefi boot by default, and cannot use traditional boot, so the partition type here should be gpt partition (if there is a partition by default, it is recommended to re-partition without retaining the previous esp and other partitions)
  2. After selecting the U disk boot disk to enter PE , select to start windows_10PE_64 bit to enter pe ( there is a menu selection when starting in MBR mode, and automatically enter win10pe when starting in uefi mode ), run the DiskGenius partition tool on the desktop, and click [hard disk] in the menu bar , select [Convert partition table type to guid format], and then save the changes, as shown in the following figure;



  1. Then select the hard disk to be partitioned, and click [Quick Partition ] above , as shown in the following figure;



  1. In the pop-up [Quick Partition ] interface, we select the type of partition GUID ( GUID partition is gpt partition, if the boot is uefi, the partition type must be guid ) and the number and size of partitions, here is general It is recommended that the size of the C drive is greater than 60G, and then note that if it is a solid state drive, 4K alignment is required , as shown in the following figure;



  1. After the partition is completed, you can see that the ESP and MSR partitions represent the completion of the GPT partition, as shown in the following figure;


Fourth, the 10th generation cpu installation win7 system process

  1. After the above operations are completed, run the ” Little Soldier System Installation ” tool on the PE desktop, and then choose to reinstall the system, as shown in the figure:




  1. Select the WIN7 downloaded above (it is recommended to use WIN7’s own usb driver, graphics card, nvme driver on this site) and the drive letter to be installed. Generally, it is the C drive (according to different hard disk partitions) ,( note: if it is independent Graphics card, you don’t need to check the card LOGO option here, you just need to open CSM and install it directly. When using a discrete graphics card, when the CSM compatibility mode cannot be enabled in the bios and the win7 card lgoo is installed, only check the “Resolve UEFI WIN7 64-bit card LOGO” “Option, if it does not appear, it is not recommended to check it. In addition, after checking it, you can choose to adapt to the old machine or to the new machine according to the actual situation. Equipped with a new model, if one of the methods does not work, you can choose another solution ) , and then click one-key installation, as shown in the figure:


Note: If the card LOGO still appears, check the dual hard disks and sometimes the boot drive letter is incorrect. We can use the DiskGenius partition tool to check the ESP partition drive letter of the current hard disk, and then specify the boot drive letter, as shown below. shown;


Reminder: In the case of dual hard disks, when the partition type is UEFI, remember to select the correct drive letter for the partition system in the upper right corner, so as not to fix the error and enter another drive letter system.

  1. After clicking start, wait for the GHO installer to be released, and the computer will automatically restart the computer.


  1. After unplugging the U disk and restarting the computer, the system will automatically complete the subsequent program installation until you see the desktop, and the system will be completely installed. If the driver is incomplete after entering the system, you can click the driver on the desktop to complete the driver.

The above is the method of installing the win7 system on the 10th generation CPU . It is also suitable for other series of models, and it is also suitable for the installation method of win10. Be sure to back up all data before installation. For more tutorials, please pay attention to the computer system city (



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