Allah (God) Has No Limitations

Allah the Almighty

For example: “Can he make such a big rock – nothing can move it?” – If He made such a big rock, nothing could move it, would that mean he couldn’t move it too? Or would it be impossible for him to do something so big that he couldn’t move it?

Allah tells us: “Allah is able to do anything that He wants to do”. It should be noted in Islam that we understand that Allah never tries to do anything that does, stop being God. That is, He would never die, as this would mean that He is no longer “THE ETERNALLY ALIVE” (one of His characteristics mentioned in the Holy Quran).

Therefore, He can make a stone (or anything else for that matter) as big or heavy – nothing in the entire universe could move it. As for Allah “moving him”, he is not in the universe and He is not like His creation. Therefore, Allah is never subject to the Laws of Creation because He is the Creator and the Giver of Law. Whenever He wants anything, He simply says “Kun! Fayakun! ” (Be! And so it will be!).

Allah in the Holy Quran

Talking about himself, Allah ( God ) says:

“He is the Primordial Creator of the heavens and the earth, and when he decrees something, he just says:“ Be ”, then, he is.” [Holy Quran 2: 117]

“She said,“ My Lord! How can I have a child while no man touches me? ” He said, “So it is! Allah creates what he wants. When he decrees something, he just says: ‘Be’ then, it is. ” [Holy Quran 3:47]

“Certainly, Jesus’ example, before Allah, is like that of Adam. He created it out of dust; then I said to him, ‘Be,’ then it was. ” [Holy Quran 3:59]

“And He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth, with the truth. And when you say, “Be,” then it is. Your saying is the truth. And from Him will be the sovereignty, one day, in, that will blow on the Trumpet. It is the Knower of the invisible and the visible. And He is The Wise One, The Knower. ” [Holy Quran 6:73]

“It is not permissible for Allah to take a son for Himself. Glorified be! When he decrees something, he just says: “Be”, then it is. ” [Holy Quran 19:35]

“Your order, when you want something, is just to say,” Be, “then, it is.” [Holy Quran 36:82]

“He is the One who gives life and gives death. So, when you enact something, just say, “Be,” then it is. ” [Holy Quran 40:68]

Creation as we see from these verses is not difficult for God. He just gives a Command and everything happens according to His Will.

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