Algoid is the first language and at least so far the only one, which can give you a programming platform in a mobile environment, where it is possible to see, step by step, through the debugger, what the code does.

Algoid is a scripting language and a development environment ( IDE ), designed to simplify learning for the first time programming user . Algoid is designed in terms of primarily educating and teaching children.


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  • It is a simple but complete language.
  • It has an environment to write the programs.
  • It is a functional language.
  • It is Object Oriented.
  • It has a debugger.
  • Take ideas from programming learning using robots and SmallTalk.
  • The language has structures such as recursion and base-oriented aspects of programming.
  • It runs on Android, so we can have it accessible even from the phone.


The motivation, says the author, began when his 10-year-old son asked him what he was doing. He says he answered: “I am a computer development engineer … but how can I explain this to a ten-year-old boy more easily?”, Which is why he created Algoid, in order to show people what the developers of software and how we do this so that everyone can learn and do it too.


There are many ways to learn to program: through visual languages, which are ideal to learn the logic of programming, but which are far from the current languages ​​or, to use the standard languages, extremely difficult to learn at first. tried. There is so much low-level knowledge to use them that it is very complicated and that is undoubtedly the reason for this problem.

Thus, the purpose of Algoid is to balance this commitment by creating a simple solution, for example, the one that is proposed with the Logo turtle , and also, equip with a powerful debugger to observe what the programs do instruction by instruction. Likewise, we have tried to use a simple syntax and that the language is complete, that is, it has all the typical data structures.

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