ALBET SA ( Albet Engineering and Systems ). It is a Cuban company, whose origin and development is closely linked to the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), a productive university model that brings together more than twelve thousand professionals, technicians and students. Albet owns the commercial rights of all the products and services developed by the UCI and, through an alliance with other prestigious entities, offers comprehensive solutions in the field of information and communication technologies. Its export results place it as one of the main companies in their sector in the country and with great growth prospects in their international projection.


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  • 1 Mission
  • 2 Philosophy of work
  • 3 Lines of Business
  • 4 Services
  • 5 Government
  • 6 Health and Science
  • 7 Education
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We are a Cuban company that closely linked to the University of Informatics Sciences, and with the participation of other prestigious entities, markets comprehensive solutions, products and services associated with the information and communications technology sector, with high ethical rigor and professional.

Work philosophy

An environment of Responsibility , Professionalism , Honesty , Innovation , Trust , Integrity and Commitment is promoted at all timeswith the client. The style of work in relations with workers, customers and suppliers is magnificent. They are distinguished by grouping in multidisciplinary teams, the best professionals and specialists from different sectors and entities of the country, to provide solutions with high added value and high scientific level. Professionals work integrated with a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees excellence in the services offered. They are flexible and adjusted to the needs of the client. They develop computer applications on both proprietary and free or open source platforms. They enhance technological sovereignty and independence in their solutions and the use of free software if you prefer. The entity’s goal is to provide excellent services, That is why we seek to satisfy customers at all times. They are capable of providing greater profitability and results to the company that contributes to institutional and social well-being. We work tirelessly so that solutions are always available to customers.

Business lines

Multiple services are offered, which can form an integral technological solution, accompany specialized computer products or can be received independently, always tailored to the needs of the clients. The complementation of these services and the professional level of the specialists allow us to guarantee a comprehensive response, at a reasonable price and in a precise time.


General Consulting

  • Management Consulting: It allows to diagnose the situation of the institution and contributes to the improvement of its operation, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness, from a process of organizational transformation that includes an optimal redesign of its processes, structure, functions, personnel and necessary competencies. , that guarantee the satisfaction of the workers and the client.
  • Computer Consulting: Specialized diagnostics are carried out to identify the technological needs of the company and suggest the appropriate computer solutions. Among these consultancies, the consulting and advisory services for the migration to free software of the entities stand out, which includes the creation of a Migration Plan that facilitates the adoption of these technological changes.
  • Migration to Free Software: A stepped and systematic migration service to Free Software is provided, with the most prepared professionals at your disposal. Among the services, it provides advice to companies wishing to migrate to Free Software, migration consulting, training in Free Software issues by levels, an automated image cloning system of operating systems and specialized technical support with the use of help-desk technology .
  • SoftwareSolutions : Computer applications are made, developed to measure and with due quality standards, that respond to the key and support processes of the institution, in order to facilitate its performance. The developments are carried out both on free technologies ( php , java , postgret , among others) and proprietary ( C ++ , net , Oracle , among others) according to the client’s needs. Applications can be web or desktop, multiplatform, and the development of databases and data warehouses stands out, mainly using postgret.
  • Customizations of geographic information systems: They are customized according to the customer’s information needs, from a proprietaryplatform named GENESIG , developed in free or open source technologies, also complying with the OpenGis specifications established by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) .
  • Services associated with the Nova Operating System: Different services associated with this operating system are provided such as: customization according to customer needs, specialized technical support by different means of communication, system updating, training and education.
  • Development of strategies, institutional communication channels and communication campaigns: We work on the elaboration of communication strategies, definition, design, development and implementation of Web Portals, corporate Intranet, Contact Centers and Customer Service, among others.
  • Comprehensive security solutions: Projects are prepared and we supply and install equipment in different specialties, such as fire detection and extinction, access control systems, closed circuit television, electrical protections, among others.
  • Supply and installation of equipment and furniture: All the equipment associated with information and communication technologies is provided, including the required furniture. We also ensure interconnection from efficient network solutions, even going as far as the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Data Processing Centers.
  • Training and technology transfer: It comprises the training process in different degrees of complexity, from lecturing by experts from prestigious institutions, to the design and delivery of courses on all the solutions we provide, relying on information technology and the comunications.
  • Technical support of softwareand hardware : It implies the commitment to attend to incident requests, requirements and system problems at the agreed time, as a sign of our seriousness and commitment to the beneficiary institution of the solutions we offer.


Penitentiary Management System

Systems are developed that contribute to citizen security, the legal system and the conservation of a country’s heritage. These systems can be developed to measure, and include, in addition to the user manuals, all the services that the client deems necessary and that the company offers, including: management and computer consultancies, training, support and updating, equipment supply, among others.

  • Penitentiary ManagementSystem
  • Police management systems
  • Development of computerization solutions for Registries and Notaries
  • Police investigation and information systems
  • Citizen Security Emergency Management System
  • Immigration control systems
  • Systems for issuing identity documents
  • Archive Document Management System

Health and Science

Science and health

They develop computer applications backed by the work of Cuba in the health and science sector. These systems are located in the field of medical informatics, bioinformatics, among others, and constitute essential tools for the best performance in these areas.

  • HISwings
  • PACSwings
  • RISwings
  • BioSySwings
  • Distributed calculation platform


Educational Computer Games

The application of informatics as a tool in the training process at all levels and for all types of organizations is one of the company’s goals. For this, we have qualified personnel and the collaboration of important institutions in the country that ensure the methodological component of our products.

  • Development of customized educational games
  • Educational game “Energy to learn”
  • “Multisaber” Collection
  • Collection “To play”
  • Teleformation


Solutions are developed for the business and industrial sector that contribute to greater efficiency in the operation of these organizations. Products oriented to Sectors such as automation and telecommunications stand out, as well as document and business management.

  • Custom development of Industrial Process Control and Supervision Systems
  • Development and deployment of WAP portals
  • Other automation services


Comprehensive technology solutions are made up of a systemic combination of multiple products and services tailored to your needs. These solutions are capable of totally transforming your institution into an automated organization, efficient in its processes, of high quality and with a high level of customer satisfaction, becoming a high-performance organization.


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