Akvavit. Scandinavian distilled drink, originating in the Nordic countries. It is a dry drink, made from the distillation of potatoes or cereals . It can be flavored with pepper , cumin , etc. It is transparent and is generally consumed cold.


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  • 1 Etymology of the name
  • 2 History
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  • 4 Consumption
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  • 6 Customs
  • 7 Health benefits
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Etymology of the name

Its name comes from the Latin “aqua vitae”, which means ” water of life”.


This drink has been known since at least 1512 , when the Archbishop of Norway Olav Engelbrets son received a letter from the Danish Eske Bille, he received a letter dated April 13 , accompanying a package with a bottle of … “a little water that was It is called Aqua Vite and it is a help for all kinds of diseases that a man may have internally and externally. ” Spices and marinated by alcohol are said to help food that is high in fat digest better. This reference gave this liquor its fame as a medicinal drink.


Aalborg is an important distillery in Denmark and they make Akvavit which is distilled with amber, which is a color shade that appears in some wines.white analogous to that of amber. It appears due to the oxidation of polyphenols, which is why the liquor sometimes has a yellowish hue (in general terms), which can vary from light amber to light brown, always depending on how long oak barrels have been aging. The darker its color the Akvavit has an older age or the use of young barrels, although artificial color (caramel or is also allowed). The recipe and the flavors differ between the brands in the different countries that make up the Baltic and Scandinavian region, but caraway is typically the predominant flavor. Clear akvavits that are nearly transparent as brandy, they ripen in old barrels that do not color the final product, and this is very typical, they are also called Taffel (taffel is the name of a traditional Scandinavian party).


It can be taken alone, cold and in shots, at room temperature and in a glass, or used as an ingredient in many recipes for pickled or smoked fish . You can make a stronger liquor or extract with which to replace anise in donuts, biscuits, creams.

It is traditionally consumed in Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Finland , Germany, and other northern European countries.


Among the most important brands are;

  1. In NorwayLøiten, Lysholm and Gilde
  2. In Denmarkthe Aalborg
  3. In Swedenthe OP Andersson distillery


There is a habit of drinking Akvavit with beer , it complements much better than other alcohols, first you drink any amount of Akvavit and then this is preceded by a drink of beer.

Health benefits

It is a popular belief that akvavit makes it easier to digest high fat foods . In Denmark it is traditionally associated with Christmas lunch . In Norway it is drunk on special occasions. In Sweden it is a traditional dinner staple of midsummer celebrations , usually drunk while singing one of its many songs they sing while drinking.


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