Air Conditioning Maintenance – How It Affects Their Performance

An air conditioner needs regular maintenance so that it can operate efficiently throughout the year. If you neglect its maintenance then you are more likely to not get the desired result while your energy usage is gradually increasing.

On the hot days ahead, Volton gives you tips on what to do to make your air conditioner work to its fullest potential without unnecessary power consumption.

Air Conditioner Filters

The most important part of maintaining your air conditioner to ensure it is functioning properly is maintaining its filters. Bumpy, dirty filters block air currents, thereby reducing the efficiency of the entire system.

A clean filter prevents the evaporator thread from getting dirty quickly. However, over time, the coil will continue to collect dust. To avoid this problem, make sure your air conditioner is serviced yearly.

The coils of the outer condensers can also get messy if the outside environment is dusty or there are leaves nearby. You can easily check the coil of the condenser and observe if soil is collected.

Evaporator Cleaning

This is the “main” part of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, which must be cleaned with a special antibacterial / antifungal detergent, which you will put in a “pump” cleaner. You can find it in large supermarkets or related stores.

Spray the liquid inside the unit with the help of a drum, and then brush with a brush if necessary. Finally, replace the liquid in the pump with water, and sprinkle the component again.

Attention to Dehydration

When the unit operates on cooling, as the air passes through the unit and cools, the water vapor is liquefied and then removed. If there is a problem of dryness in the house, then you should replace the humidity with a suitable device, for example with a humidifier.

Call a Specialist

In addition to the professional approach to all of the above cleaning processes, a skilled technician will clean the alternators and the fan in indoor and outdoor units with special chemicals. This procedure is necessary every 2 to 3 years.

It will also check the pressures, the amount of coolant and perform a visual and auditory check to evaluate the general condition of the air conditioner and to make sure no strange noises are heard and that it is working properly.

The maintenance of an air conditioning unit has a dual purpose. Ensuring its performance, both in performance and in purification, so that any microorganisms that grow in the environment inside the plant are eliminated by the use of appropriate chemicals.

By scheduling early maintenance of your air conditioner, you ensure that you are fully prepared for the summer. At the same time you avoid finding a specialist last minute, as we know that their workload increases dramatically, making it difficult to maintain timely maintenance prior to the summer months that your air conditioner will need.

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