Agrograms . Synonym of “Agrilifos” (see definition), and corresponding to Crop circules in the English language. The agrogram is the most subtle form of communication of extraterrestrial life, that is, it is the easy communication between both races. Agriglyphs are various drawings (circles, rings, signs, etc.), which appear in the fields of cultivation. These drawings are intended to be encrypted or symbolic messages, and are generally related by Ufologists to the UFO phenomenon. Synonym of Agrograma, and corresponding to “Crop circules in English”.


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  • 1 History
    • 1 First Agrograms
    • 2 Paranormal provenance
  • 2 Events in the United Kingdom
  • 3 Some Designs
  • 4 Repercussions
  • 5 Similar phenomena
  • 6 Popular culture
  • 7 See also
  • 8 Sources


First Agrograms

  • TheReaping Demon: The earliest recorded harvest circle is depicted in a 17th century engraving called “the reaping demon.” The image represents a strange creature creating a circular design in a wheat field. Said image contained in a pamphlet appeared in states in which the farmer expressed his preference for having “the devil himself” reaping the crop rather than paying the salary that his reaper demanded for his work.


Reaping demon

But the phenomenon is known and has had a media impact since 1976, when the first circles appeared in Winchester, UK. These were simple, barely 9 or 10 meters in diameter, but over the years they became more complex and numerous. Already in the 1980s the phenomenon moved to other countries such as Germany, New Zealand, etc.

In 1991 Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed responsibility for the first circles that appeared during the mid-1970s, showing the press how to do them.

From that moment on, the appeal of the circles wanes, but soon more and more complex circles appear, leading paranormal sympathizers to believe that not all the circles were made by Bower and Chorley and that they could have an extraterrestrial or unknown origin. Skeptics and Bower and Chorley themselves believe that the new appearance of circles is due to the creation of new groups that created these figures.

From that moment on, the appeal of the circles wanes, but soon more and more complex circles appear, leading paranormal sympathizers to believe that not all the circles were made by Bower and Chorley and that they could have an extraterrestrial or unknown origin. Skeptics and Bower and Chorley themselves believe that the new appearance of circles is due to the creation of new groups that created these figures.

Currently the phenomenon of crop circles has not received much attention by the media except for the movie Signs (2002) where the extraterrestrial theory is given rise.


Crop circle in Switzerland

  • Crop circle in Switzerland:Since the first appearance of crop circles, there has been speculation with several options about their authorship, one is that of extraterrestrial origin, which they would try to contact through these figures. Another option is human creation, which would make the circles at night without being seen. The creation of these circles by the action of the wind or other environmental causes is also being considered.

Paranormal provenance

Many people believe that these formations are generated by “entities” either of extraterrestrial or divine origin or through interaction with human thoughts. According to the followers of this hypothesis, a clear example of this origin would be the malfunction of some electrical devices, compasses, battery discharges, etc.

  • Human origin:This hypothesis assumes that the circles are simply created by man during the night for various purposes such as mockery, way of making money, fun, etc. An example that supports this hypothesis is the fact that many circles made by people who have recognized their authorship, have been included as irrefutable evidence of a paranormal origin of these.

We also find that the figures always appear at night, and not in broad daylight or in seasons where there is no danger to human health.

It is the hypothesis shared by skeptics and the majority of “circle makers” and affected farmers.

  • Characteristics of wheat:The wheat found in the fields has been studied to prove the origin of these formations, focusing on the supposed electrical changes, physical damage to the plant itself, etc.

According to BLT (association in charge of the study of circles). The knuckles of wheat plants present a series of anomalies in the supposedly unrealized harvest by men, such as elongation and / or “expansion” due to a heat source. For this association, this phenomenon of physical changes in the wheat plant is due to atmospheric effects, which they call plasma vortices, but wheat experts do not see that these damages are produced by atmospheric causes or effects if not as a consequence of their crushing when the men made the circle. They also note that BLT does not have any specialized personnel in the study of plants. There would also be electrical alterations in the wheat once it is crushed, which would explain its state,

  • Design:

Although initially they began as basic geometric shapes, the circles have increased in complexity, to the point where they have come to respond to messages in binary code, a drawing of the Mayan calendar, and even one with the image of an alien holding another message in binary code.

  • Balls of light:It is known among fans of crop circles the presence of rounded figures with luminosity near the formations in the crops. They are popularly called balls of light. For believers in paranormal hypotheses, these intelligent objects would create the shapes and crush the wheat.

Skeptics argue that it may simply be plants like dandelions, birds, or scams.

Events in the UK

  1. On July 12, 1990, a 120 m pictogram appeared. in length in a wheat field in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. The figure was made up of two pairs of circles. Each pair had two claw-shaped appendages.
  2. In the summer of 1990, in a wheat field in Exton, Hampshire, a 20 m circle appeared. diameter. The spikes were bent in a clockwise direction. Around it were four 6 m “satellite” circles. diameter, with the spikes bent in a spiral counterclockwise.
  3. On July 17, 1991, a helicopter pilot was stunned while flying over a wheat field at the foot of Barbury Castle, near Swindon, when he observed a circle surrounded by two rings and buried in an equilateral triangle, which had a circle in each vertex.
  4. On July 30, 1991, a strange fish figure appeared near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. In the following month, seven other similar figures appeared.


Image of the Arecibo message

Reproduction of the Arecibo message:

  • On August 19, 2001, the image of the Arecibo message appeared reproduced over a wheat field located near the Chilbolton Radar Observatory (51 ° 8’39.80 “N 1 ° 26’26.64” W), in Wherwell, Hampshire, in one of the most impressive manifestations of these pictograms in recent times. The Chilbolton image reproduces, with astonishing fidelity, the Arecibo 73 x 23 character prime number gridded matrix, with some variations:
  • The human being of the terrestrial message appears changed in this crop circle by the figure of a macrocephalic being with a humanoid appearance.
  • The “double helix” of the original DNA was replaced by a “triple helix” on its right side, suggesting a “hybridization” between the beings who created this peculiar message and humanity.
  • Our planetary system, encoded in the Arecibo signal with a central sun, four small inner planets and 4 outer gas, plus the small Pluto located on the outskirts of the system (and in which the Earth appears slightly raised with respect to the plane of the ecliptic to indicate that the beings who wrote the message inhabit it), in Chilbolton’s “response” there is a planetary system made up, in addition to the essential central sun, by 4 small interior planets (plus a strange conformation of 4 cross-shaped objects ), two outer giants and two small ones located on the borders of this strange planetary complex.
  • Following the parameter of the terrestrial message, in Chilbolton’s image two of the planets – the third and the fourth appear outside the plane of the ecliptic, indicating that these two worlds are inhabited by the beings who created Chilbolton’s response.
  • Finally, at the bottom of the graph (and as in the message sent by Earth scientists) the figure of the antenna used for the transmission of the message (the Arecibo observatory) can be seen. In the Chilbolton image, this antenna is shaped like a curious flower with several 9-meter diameter petals.

As a clarifying note, it should be said that the Arecibo message is a radio message sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. The message was 1679 bits long and was sent in the direction of the M13 star cluster located 25,000 years ago- light. It contains information about the situation of the Solar System, our planet and the human. The message was designed by Frank Drake, Carl Sagan, and others. Because the message will take 25 millennia to reach its destination (and the response another 25), the Arecibo message was more a demonstration of human technological achievements than an actual attempt to establish conversation with aliens. Therefore, the supposed answer would only arrive (if it exists) until the year 51,974 d. C.


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