What Is Agraphia;Causes,Types, Diagnosis,Treatment And Prevention

Agraphia is the inability to write or spell due to motor problems.It  a result of a neurological disorder of the brain. Agraphics may also have no difficulty reading, speaking, hearing or understanding numbers, letters or words.

Causes Of Agraphia Diseaes

The main reason is organic damage to the cortex, to which several factors can lead. It may be:

  • neoplasm (benign or cancerous tumor);
  • injury;
  • hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke;
  • toxic effects of toxic substances;
  • inflammatory processes caused by an infectious agent.

There are several types of Aography  namely:

What Is Agraphia;Causes,Types, Diagnosis,Treatment And Prevention

  • Pure Agraphia: A type of agraphia that is not accompanied by other language changes.
  • Aphasic Agraph: A change that accompanies many of the aphasic pictures and is characterized by slow and difficult writing, or by fluent writing but with errors in the combination of letters.
  • Agraphia with alexia: type of agraph that arises associated with the reading defect.
  • Agraphia apráxica: characterized by the difficulty in performing the gestural sequencing necessary for writing and manipulation of writing instruments.
  • Spatial agraphia: difficulty in writing in a correct order, placing words on words. It occurs following a right hemispheric lesion, in which the person does not write on the left half of the sheet of paper because he does not perceive it.

Diagnosis and treatment Agraphia

The diagnosis can be determined immediately after a complete examination by a neurologist. It is much more difficult to determine the etiological factor of the disease. First of all, doctors need to determine the location in the brain of the abnormal focus. After determining the location of the source of the pathology, experts go on to the stage of establishing the cause.

The diagnostic procedure begins with a detailed survey of the patient’s adult relatives. Then a variety of neurological studies are performed using specific diagnostic methods such as ECO-encephalography (study of brain structural units), x-ray of the skull, reovasography (blood circulation study), computer (layer-by-study study of the organ structure) and magnetic resonance, electroencephalography.

Agraphia Treatment

The treatment of agraphia is characterized by duration. The basis of the corrective impact is considered etiologic therapy due to the genesis of the disease. In addition, psychotherapy, speech therapist (logoritmics) training, therapeutic exercises, and music therapy occupy a special place in successful therapy. The basis of success with spelling violations are: the timing of initiation of treatment, its multiple stage and complexity.

Handwriting treatment also involves regular practice of writing skills, including spelling, dictation. Drug therapy is based on the indication of pharmacopoeial agents that affect the improvement of cerebral nutrition, improving its processes.Prevention of pre-school agraphia includes a variety of speech exercises used with maximum frequency.


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