Agnes Miegel

Agnes Miegel. She is a German writer , journalist, and poet.


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Biographical synthesis

He was born on 9 March as as 1879 in Königsberg , Germany . The daughter of a merchant, she made several study trips to France , Great Britain, and Italy .

Career path

He worked as a journalist in Berlin and returned in 1917 to his hometown to devote himself exclusively to his literary production and to direct the cultural supplement of the “Ostpreußische Zeitung” (East Prussian Journal) between the years 1920 and 1926 . In 1933 he became part of the German Academy of Literature. He sympathized with the national socialist ideology; after World War II he fled to Denmark , but returned in 1946 and resided in Bad Nenndorf , Lower Saxony, since 1948 .


He died on 26 October as as 1964 in Bad Salzuflen , Germany.


The main theme of his ballads is the Prussian land, with its people and its landscapes, its history and its myths , tales and sagas. His collections entitled Gedichte (Poems, 1901 ) and Balladen und Lieder (Ballads and Songs, 1907 ) reflect irrational destiny and its irruption in human life. Eroticism is a primitive force, conventions have no power, and the basic elements of nature are represented by female figures. During the 1920s, Agnes Miegel dealt with this same theme in prose , the result of which are the Geschichten aus Alt-Preußen narrations.(Stories of Ancient Prussia, 1926 ), Die schöne Malone (The Beautiful Malone, 1926), Dorothee (Dorotea, 1931 ) and Das Bernsteinherz (The Heart of Amber, 1937 ).


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