What is agave? Know its benefits and best ways to consume it

Agave is a succulent plant with medicinal properties that has sweet nectar (which can be used as a sugar substitute.

Of Mexican origin, the agave is a succulent plant widely used as a sweetener and medicinal herb (to treat digestion problems and possible injuries, for example). It works as a healthy substitute for refined sugar , as it contains sweet nectar that can be used in different recipes. Want to learn more about agave and its benefits? We prepared a story talking all about this medicinal plant. Check out!

Agave is a source of probiotics, contributing to digestion

Probiotics, for those who do not know, are beneficial bacteria that contribute to the functioning of the intestine and facilitate digestion. The good news is that agave, a Mexican medicinal plant, is rich in these substances and, therefore, is great for maintaining the health of the digestive tract. Therefore, our tip is to try to use the plant on a daily basis as a sweetener.

Plant is rich in calcium and iron, important minerals for metabolism and bone health

Did you know that agave is high in calcium and iron? These minerals are considered indispensable for the body, as they guarantee the proper functioning of the metabolism. Iron, in particular, is responsible for transporting oxygen between cells. Calcium is important for the formation of bones and teeth, in addition to regulating the coagulation process.

Agave provides fiber, which helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar

Want a healthier alternative to sweeten drinks and different recipes on a daily basis? Agave is a 100% natural option and can help in the type 2 diabetic diet. It is a source of fiber , nutrients that contribute to digestion, guarantee satiety and, at the same time, help regulate cholesterol and sugar levels. in the blood.

It is rich in antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflammatory

Because it has a high content of flavonoids (antioxidant substances), agave helps to strengthen immunity , is good for skin health and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It is not for nothing that the nectar of the plant is often used to treat wounds, burns and insect bites – after all, it has properties that alleviate pain and possible inflammation.

Note: It is important to note that it is not always recommended to use agave to heal injuries. It is possible, for example, that the plant causes skin allergies. Therefore, our tip is to always consult a doctor to follow the appropriate treatment.

How to use agave on a daily basis?

Instead of using refined sugar – which is low in nutrients and harmful to health – our suggestion is precisely to use natural ingredients, such as agave. The nectar extracted from the interior of the succulent is very sweet and can be used for different purposes: sweetening juices, coffees, smoothies, drinks or even recipes for cakes, mousses and other desserts. It is worth mentioning that the agave syrup (which is made from the nectar of the plant) is sweeter than honey and should be used sparingly.


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