Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the most consumed food supplements today and there is no lack of good reasons for it. The proteins provided by hydrolyzed collagen are transformed into amino acids that form tissues in the body and repair their wear.

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The joints are the most benefited with collagen hydrolyzate supplements, since they gain remarkably in  flexibility and strength . The cartilage is preserved much better, as well as the lubrication of the joints.

Collagen joint supplements reduce their pain and improve their functionality, helping to  treat osteoarthritis .

The  athletes  will benefit greatly from the hydrolyzed collagen to protect joints and maximum yield

Women after  pregnancy  or during  menopause will  also benefit from collagen for joint problems. More than 80% of women of menopausal age suffer from joint discomfort due to lack of estrogen.

With such a simple gesture as the incorporation of collagen supplements in the daily diet, the problem will be prevented. In addition, collagen improves the state of  hair, nails and skin , reducing wrinkles and preserving the elasticity of the epidermis.


When it comes to buying collagen, many people observe a term that they just don’t understand: hydrolyzed. This word refers to a process that undergoes collagen to remove fat and nonessential materials. You have to think that collagen is obtained from  meats, fish and jellies . The hydrolyzing process obtains the  amino acids  or smaller protein parts that interest us from collagen.

Since it is sometimes difficult to consume enough daily collagen in the diet, supplements are the solution. Simply include them daily for breakfast or dinner, as one more routine, and be constant: it’s worth it. If consumed together with a food rich in  vitamin C,  collagen will be better absorbed.

Keep in mind that between 45 and 65,  40% of the population  suffer from joint problems. And  33% of athletes  suffer from the same condition, regardless of their age. Getting used to the intake of collagen powder every day is a simple gesture that will translate into benefits. To buy hydrolyzed collagen of excellent quality you can trust  Bamboolabs ,  the online store specializing in sports supplements.


Far from being a fashion or a beauty treatment to preserve  young skin,  buying collagen translates into health. There are countless scientific studies that argue that regular consumption of collagen increases  bone mineral density .

The Poal Rheumatology Institute of Barcelona has conducted studies that demonstrate the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen supplements. These stimulate the synthesis of type II collagen,  hyaluronic acid  and  proteoglycans , substances all beneficial to joints and skin.

30% of our body’s proteins are collagen molecules, present in  cartilage, skin and tissues . With the inexorable passage of time our body reduces its production of collagen. The decrease begins gradually after the age of 25.

When crossing  the threshold of 40 , one of the best habits that can be adopted is to supplement the diet with collagen.

And for athletes, as beneficial as daily training are collagen supplements, a great ally to make equipment.

Many advantages and no inconvenience: there is no excuse to start taking care of yourself.


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