Advantages and disadvantages of tab (tablet)

Most people do not use tabs (tablets). But if seen, there are many advantages of the tab which are like this –

The biggest advantage of the tab is that its screen size is much larger than mobile and it is quite easy to type in. In the tab you can read any website well and clearly. Watching videos on a tablet is better than mobile. The tab is not too small like a mobile and is not too big and heavy like a laptop. You can take the tab anywhere and in the tab you can do small tasks of the laptop. Any PDF file in the tab is easy to read. Like watching videos in youtube in tab. The battery size of most tabs is large and the cost of the tab is also low compared to many expensive mobiles. If you find your laptop heavy and the mobile screen feels small, then the tab is the best option for you.

There are also some flaws in the tab (tablet) such that the size of the tablet is not too small so that you can keep it in the pocket. It is difficult to keep tabs in shirts or pants, so there is some difficulty in moving around with it. Calling is not available in many tabs, meaning a SIM card cannot be placed in it. You cannot use it like a mobile. In many tabs in which there is a sim, most can be talked only in speaker mode. This poses a risk of privacy. The screen resolution of the tab is not very good and people find out the lack of resolution later. If the resolution is not very good, then people do not enjoy working on it. The processors of many tablets are slow. If the size of the tab is large, it cannot be used easily with one hand.

Many tabs do not have the latest operating system, so if purchasing tabs, then it should be kept in mind that the tab resolution should be good, the tab processor should be correct, the battery life of the tab should be correct and as far as possible The tab size should be 8 inches or larger, because if the tab is 7 inches or smaller it will be difficult to type.


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