The Adsense concept means that the advertising platform that belongs to Google facilitates the achievement of revenue through inserting advertisements in blog content, websites, among others.

Google Adsense is very popular and simple to use. It is only necessary to register for free on the Adsense page and from there Google provides a code that must be inserted into the contents and, at the same time, will show the related ads. It is a way of generating passive income through this platform.

It is essential to have a web domain to take advantage of this way to earn money. It is an indispensable condition for this.

How Google Adsense works

There are two ways to earn money through this platform:

  • Cost per click (CPC):Every time a person clicks on an ad that is on a page, its owner makes money from it.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM):The way to earn income is that they are generated as a result of people who enter the web or blog.

The positive thing about including this type of advertising in a blog or page is that the owner upon registration selects the type of advertising that he wants to show on his site and the place intended for it.

Therefore, thanks to the Google Adsense algorithm, it facilitates that advertising appears following the guidelines of the person who has previously selected these parameters.

How much can you earn with this platform?

This is a question that many users who repair this system ask themselves, but it does not have a specific answer.

It will depend on the following:

  • The number of users visiting the blog.
  • The content that is used to attract these visitors to the web will determine whether or not they increase depending on the interest generated.
  • The target is essential since it will depend on the number of people that may be in that sector and are interested in the page itself.
  • It is important to use keywords and attractive content to capture the attention of the audience we are targeting and to repair on the page.
  • It is remarkable to place the ads in visible places within the website itself to get the users click before.

Types of ads

The most common are the following:

  • Ads with text: They consist of text and a link that points to the page of the person who advertises. They only occupy a couple of lines and are very common. They are called sponsored links.
  • Image ads: The typical banners that appear in the page header, on the sides or below. They are more striking to include images with the aim of users clicking.
  • Rich Media: These are animated ads, which appear enabled, such as gifs. Before they were more used. Currently not so much because although they are flashy they can bother users.
  • Link set:These are blocks of topics with highlighted links within those blocks and that lead the user to click on them to the advertiser pages.
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