Ace Combat 7 Guide: Unknown Skies, Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our guide to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown , where we will help you become the best pilots in all of Strangereal so that not a single enemy fighter resists you.

Tips to start playing

  • The game includes two types of control, standard and expert. The difference is that the second requires us to turn first to be able to make turns with our aircraft, although in practice it is much better than standard, since it gives us greater aerial maneuverability, something essential to avoid certain projectiles and be able to locate ourselves in advantageous positions, so we recommend that you use this configuration and get used to it as soon as possible.
  • The aircraft tree can be a bit intimidating at first, since we will see many routes to choose from and we may not be clear in which we will find the aircraft that best suit our needs. We recommend that for your first game you shoot along the upper route, since you will find very good fighters there. Plus, it offers us a quick way to get to some of the best planes in the entire game.
  • Always stay tuned to the radio during missions. In it they will give us very important information during the development of the battles, such as warnings about the points on the map where they need our help or the plan to follow during an unforeseen situation. If we are not pending, we will probably end up seeing the Game Over screen very often and we do not know how to solve certain moments of the adventure.
  • Secure your shots. Try to have your target well focused before firing your missiles and special weapons, since ammunition is limited and in most missions we will not be able to land to resupply.
  • Always prioritize mission objectives. It may seem obvious, but if we entertain ourselves shooting down additional targets to score points, we may complicate things unnecessarily and end up failing for not fulfilling our obligations in time. In addition, you will get more points for finishing fast than for killing a lot.
  • Never lose sight of the radar. Not only is it important to know where your targets and targets are, but it is essential to dodge enemy projectiles, since in it we will see where they come from and we will know how to dodge them or when to use flares.
  • If you have several missiles chasing you and your opponent has taken your tail, you can try to mislead him by hiding in the clouds, since these reduce the precision of the projectiles and it will be easier for you to flee from your pursuer.
  • Remember to personalize your planes with the appropriate partsto get the most out of their characteristics and weapons in each mission, since the small improvements they offer us will make things much easier on the battlefield.


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