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If you want to be proficient in making and analyzing Financial Statements, your initial steps to come here are RIGHT!

Why right?

let’s read a comment for those who have studied accounting here …


“Learning Accounting with Mr. Wadiyo is very easy to understand & understood with logic, there is no need to memorize. Good job & God luck for Mr. Wadiyo “

-Mother Berlie Nata-
Pharmaceutical company, Surabaya


“I came to understand more about accounting, the delivery was clear and applicable through a real case study , Success”

– Mr. Abdul Hadi , –
OJK employees as of March 1, 2017


“Satisfied and will be recommend to others”

-Bapak Syafrianto-
 Employee of a Private Company


“After attending the course, I increasingly understood and understood, so what I got was useful for college and later work. The teacher also guided me to be able to and understand. Besides good instructors in teaching “

-David Toga Franklin Siagian , –
Students of Darma Cendekia Catholic University, Surabaya


“Accounting feels easy and challenging, the instructor is communicative and experienced”

-Sisca Putri
 Sani- Stiesia Surabaya student


“Just found out that Excel has so many benefits, it can create dynamic reports (dashboards), can make financial reports, it can calculate depreciation of fixed assets automatically, it is very useful and the instructors are good and communicative”

 FH Alumni of Airlangga University, Surabaya


“Examples of real case studies in business so it is very helpful in understanding course material”

 FH Alumni of Airlangga University, Surabaya


“Learning Accounting becomes more fun until it forgets time, is very striking and easier to understand”

-Irtifa Citra Agustin-
Alumni of Surabaya State University


“Very helpful and useful to support my work”

 Employee of the Customs Office, Pasuruan


“Patient, patient, and professional”

-Carenina Aesyha-
 Enterpreneur, Surabaya


My best friend. ..

If you, employees or business people who want to grow fast, but have not yet started …

How a simple EFFORTS will make your CAREER and BUSINESS stronger and grow faster.

How about setting aside a little time to learn COMPUTER ACCOUNTING and applying it to your business career?

How can you use  these ACCOUNTING SKILLs to increase your CAREER and BUSINESS growth?

Besides that, what benefits will you get from taking the ACCOUNTING training at the place we manage?

  • The material is good and applicable directly applicable. Guided by financial accounting practitioners.
  • Small investment.
  • Consultation support , can be via email, WA, FB, SMS and Telegram.

During this time I was with the team, has provided training services, training, and Accounting & Computer Accounting courses with Microsoft Excel and MYOB Accounting .

And also look forward to an online accounting course that will be released soon !

For complete information, please click the list of links below:

  • Accounting Course Material: Excel Financial Reports
  • Accounting Course Material: MYOB Accounting Financial Reports
  • Video How to Easily Learn Basic Accounting
  • Frequently asked questions about Accounting Courses
  • What have been learned in this Accounting Course?
  • Package of Accounting Course Programs offered
  • Course Schedule 
  • Course Fees 
  • Accounting Course Discount Program
  • How to REGISTER the Course 
  • Course Registration Requirements 
  • How to PAY Course 
  • Can the payment of course fees be paid in installments?
  • Services other than Accounting Courses
  • Office Address and Location of the Accounting Course


Main Material of the Excel Accounting Course

Training materials and courses ranging from basic accounting ( Basic Accounting ) to advance, including financial statement analysis.

And consider the following accounting training material details:

  1. Account Settings
  • Account Data
  • Account Initial Balance
  • Product Data
  • Relationship Data
  • Fixed assets
  1. Transactions and Journals
  • Accounting cycle
  • Transaction Journal Table
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Expenditures
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  1. Journal of Corrections, Adjustments, and Ledgers
  • Journal of Corrections
  • Adjusting journal entry
  • Ledger
  • Book Receivables
  • Debt Book
  • Stock
  1. Financial Reports
  • Income statement
  • The balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Accounts Receivable Report
  • Debt Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs)


MYOB Accounting Course Material

The following MYOB Accounting modules will be studied in this course:

  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Sales Module
  • Time Billing Module
  • Bill Payments Module
  • Customer Credits Module
  • Vendor Debits Module
  • General Ledger Module
  • Checkbook Module
  • Deposit Module
  • Jobs module

We provided the two material above for accounting training participants.

So that course participants will master and be able to compare between manual accounting and using accounting software or applications.

One pedal can get two great skills !

The duration of the course 8x meetings with the time of each meeting 2 hours.

So 4x meetings with MS Excel and 4x meetings with MYOB Accounting software.





“And one more thing that we provide, there is consultation support after the course .”

So …

” Don’t worry, even after the course there is still consultation assistance”


Video How to Easily Learn Basic Accounting

Or for those of you who want to learn self-taught accounting, here I present 2 (two) videos from my friend, about tips on ACCOUNTING learning.


  1. The first video, learn Basic Accounting without memorization:



  1. Second video, about easy ways to learn basic accounting:

Later we will immediately practice it in your learning class or office!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Accounting Training

  1. What are the MATERIALS learned in this Accounting Course?

There are two materials that we offer, namely:

  • Basic Level , and
  • Advanced level.

In general, all levels discuss accounting materials ranging from analyzing financial transactions to preparing Financial Statements using MS Excel and MYOB Accounting.

In addition, course participants also learn to do financial statement analysis.

However SPECIFICALLY for the Advanced Level , participants can use case studies from their workplaces or their own businesses, so that after completion, course participants have their own financial statements.


  1. What are the PROGRAM Courses offered?

There are two accounting courses, namely:

  1. Private Class:

Private Class Accounting Course is an accounting training program where the learning location is held in our office, namely in Jaya Regency Blok Z-47, Pepe, Sedati, Sidoarjo, East Java


  1. Private Home:

The private home program is an accounting training program where the learning location is outside our office, it can be at home, a cafe or a mutually agreed location between participants and mentors.

(For private home programs, there are additional transportation costs SEIKHLASN)


  1. New Programs (including those without accountingfinancebackgrounds )

” PRIVAT Course Making Excel Financial Reports, only Rp 1,500,000 “

For a FAST response just contact Ms. Wahyu Susilawati at: 0812 1602 2272 or 0896 0725 6713. 

And there is a souvenir for each course participant.


  1. When is the SCHEDULE for Accounting Courses conducted?

Flexible accounting timetable, based on agreement between course participants and instructors with the following conditions:

  1. Daytime: Monday – Saturday at 09.00 – 17.00 WIB
  2. Evening: Monday – Friday 18:30 – 20:30 WIB
  3. Special Time: Agreement

The duration of the accounting course is 8x @ 1.5 – 2 hours meeting. Depending on the ability and catch of the course participants.


  1. How Much does the Accounting Course Cost?

The cost of Basic Level accounting training is IDR 2,500,000, and Advanced Level is IDR 3,000,000.


  1. Module:
    • Create Excel Financial Reports
    • Make Financial Reports with Accounting Software
  2. AC Room: 1 Class Room 1 Course Participants
  3. Projector, White Board
  4. Drinking water

There is no registration fee or FREE registration fee.


  1. Is there an Accounting Course Fee Fee?

There are two discounts on course fees, with the following conditions:

  1. 10% discount for students and students
  2. 10% discount for collective registration programs with a minimum of 3 (three) registrants and not valid for multiples. Collective registration is registration for the same course program.


  1. How about the ADMISSION PROCEDURE for the Accounting Course?

Course registration can be done by filling out the registration form at our office Jaya Regency Blok Z-47, Pepe, Sedati, Sidoarjo, East Java every Monday – Saturday at 09.00 – 17.00 WIB.

Or download the registration form at then send to email

Accounting Course Registration Form


  1. What are the Registration Requirements?

Course registration requirements are:

  • fill in the registration form and
  • resend the completed registration form by attaching a photocopy of KTP and passport photo size 3 × 4 1 ​​sheet.


  1. What is the PAYMENT PROCEDURE?

Payment procedures can be done at our office, or via bank transfer to the following account:

Bank Central Asia (BCA) Cab. Sidoarjo
On behalf of: Wadiyo
Account No.:   0182537827


  1. Can payments be paid?

Course payments can be paid in installments 2x (specifically for registration on behalf of individuals) with the following mechanism:

  • The first payment, a minimum of 75% of the cost of accounting courses, is paid at registration.
  • The second payment, 25% of the cost of accounting courses is paid at the latest before the 5th meeting begins.


  1. Are there other services offered besides the Accounting Course?

The large number of Financial Management blog customers who want more intense and in-depth consultations.

At the same time they want to build a well-organized BUSINESS financial accounting system, we open a NEW service in the form of ACCOUNTING SERVICES.

About costs and everything can be discussed in more depth  face to face . The goal is that we truly know your business needs, including:

Does it require structuring the financial system as a whole, complete with the preparation of standard operating procedures (SOP)?

Does it only require structuring in certain parts of the financial accounting department?

Or just a super special part of the financial accounting system?

By knowing information about the needs of your business, the use of processes, time, and costs will be truly effective and efficient.


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