What is An Accent In Linguistics

Accent is the latin term.In linguistics the manner of pronunciation of words is called an accent. The emphasis reflects the sound characteristics of another language or dialect.


Research has shown Children are more able to correct their accents quickly; for example: children traveling families can change their pronunciation within a short period of time. It generally remains true to about twenty years of age, after which the focus person becomes more stable. However, the emphasis may change even in an adult.


Traditionally, certain accents carry more prestige in society than other accents. This often happens because of their association with the group of society. For example, in the UK the standard pronunciation of English is associated with the traditional upper class.

British English – American English: Same- same English Accent.

British English and American English, Often we see this name listed in a banner English language courses. Or often do we hear that British English is more difficult or different and others. Two names British and America seemed to make a distinction between the two. As though if we wanted to go to England then we have to learn English is “totally different” from the English language that we often hear in the movie Hollywood films.

There is Minor  Difference Between British  Accent And American Accent

A wide variety of tenses that we learn in school is the tenses are used globally where we are going in London, America, Singapore all tenses are the same. There is only one pattern tenses and that is what we have learned so far.

From several articles I read the most striking difference is about vocabolary alone and that not much. There is a word commonly used in United but not in England. Even so there are some words that are commonly used in the UK but is rarely used in the United States. I take the example of some words that are not commonly used in the United States as Ares, Bollocks, or chaff. Word – this word very often used in the UK.While some words are often used in the United States but not in Britain is beltway, boondocks, and also carhop.

Believe that what we learned yesterday and today at school or elsewhere is the English language that can make us communicate with people – people from different parts of the world not just London or Washington.


Differences accent or pronunciation should not be a problem. Accent in speaking is something special; I can say is an “identity” from which a person belongs. We need not learn to imitate the Abs – abisanaccent English people to start a conversation. No need. Because the same language will unite us, connects us with anyone from any country. No need to imitate the accent of others.

The British accent is used by people in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.) But even though the same is in the UK and both use the English language, the accent is also different. But the world of communications and the British media was instrumental in reducing the dialectal differences and modify the pronunciation and vocabulary into Standard English.

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