Absinthe:What is it,What Is It Made of?

Absinthe is an unsweetened green liqueur whose principal and characteristic ingredient is oil of wormwood.  Wormwood is a small plant of the genus Artemisth with greyish-green silky leaves and insignificant-looking round yellow flowers, which grows on waste ground, particularly near the sea.

Absinthe:What is it, What Is It Made of?

Its oil is bitter, and in fact poisonous. Absinthe became extremely popular in France in the nineteenth century (it was known colloquially as la verte ‘the green one’), and the number of people who suffered its deleterious or even fatal effects reached such a point as almost to foreshadow the drug epidemics of the late twentieth century.

Absinthe can be transparent, yellow, brown, black and even red, but more often absinthe has an emerald green color. Absinthe grows turbid from the addition of water.he most important component of absinthe is wormwood, the essential oils of which contain a large amount of thujone.

Uses of Absinthe

It is also used to make the famous absinthe liqueur: a distillate that can also be made at home . To make the liqueur, follow the original recipe, which includes the addition of many other herbs including coriander, anise , fennel, marjoram and cardamom. The absinthe liqueur is very strong and must be drunk with some care, keeping in mind that this plant, is toxic and dangerous.

Side effects include insomnia, nightmares, chills and shivering, depression, torpor, psychosis, nausea and apathy .There are opacities in the head, convulsions and unconsciousness. It is advised to refrain from drinking a large dose of the drink.

Colour Of Absinthe

It is very important what color absinthe you decide to purchase, since it can be not only emerald, but also different. There are four main types, let’s understand together.

  • Green absinthe , the most famous in the world , is its classic color. It can be rich, emerald green, and maybe light, almost light green. The natural color of the leaves is rather short-lived, so be careful. If the alcohol is sold in a transparent bottle and at the same time is very beautiful and bright, then an unfair manufacturer added dyes there.
  • Unusual blood-red absinthe becomes such because of the addition of saturated pomegranate extract. Usually it is beautiful and transparent, and also has a unique taste. Be careful, because here it is possible to introduce chemical reagents to maintain and fix the color.
  • The yellow version has a bright, amber color and a rather thick texture. Authentic alcohol becomes so from the time when the green chlorophyll decomposes from old age. But here it is not excluded the addition of dyes.
  • Another interesting phenomenon, frightening and strange .
  • black absinthe . To create such a drink, not inflorescences and leaves of wormwood were used, but its roots, and the dark coal shade was given to it by a tincture of a special acacia catechas

It is believed that, it can also lead not only to hallucinations and altered consciousness, but also to more serious disorders. Therefore, you should drink the drink carefully, in small doses, not more than 20-30 milligrams at a time.

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