9 reasons why men stop having an interest in INTIMITY with their wives

Men also lose sexual interest in their partners, and it is not necessarily because they have another. The reasons range from the simplest to slightly more complex situations. The good news is that if you can determine the cause with the help of this list, it will be easier to prevent or remedy.

Intimacy in a marriage is of paramount importance, and the fact that passion disappears or becomes something very scarce is not a good sign. Check your relationship and see if there is anything that deserves attention.

  1. Your bed and bedroom are not sexy

Incredibly, how your bed and bedroom look and feel, are extremely important factors that can impact favorably or negatively on your relationship.

The decoration is not exactly one of the most important factors, but the aroma, the sheets, the order and the cleanliness are extremely important elements when it comes to intimacy. The bedroom should be the most comfortable and welcoming place in your home.

You may think that it has nothing to do, since at first it didn’t even matter that there was a bed for your husband to look for, but things change with time, and what was not even something they noticed before , now it is something to pay attention to.

  1. Decreased sexual desire

According to Webmd , there are several factors that can modify a man’s sexual desire. One of the factors that most impacts this is age, the more years, the less sexual interest, however, it is not always so.

On the other hand, psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and depression can make a man not feel like being intimate with his partner.

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Webmd also points to some medical factors that must be considered: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, medications, including hair loss and others can also have a negative impact.

Abnormal levels of male hormones related to reproduction may also be affecting sexual desire.

  1. Overwork

This is one of the reasons why many couples experience a lack of sexual desire. Most jobs today can be done with the help of the internet and a computer, this makes us take the work home, making us busy all the time.

It is extremely important that both establish rules, to prevent work from interfering with the relationship.

  1. He is not comfortable with his own body

Women are not the only ones who have complexes, they also suffer from low self-esteem, especially if their bodies look different than they were a few years ago.

It is important that the couple take care of each other, establishing a healthy way of eating and doing physical activities together. It also helps that you, as a woman, let him know how you still want him.

  1. Your feelings have changed

If feelings have changed between the couple, things may take a different turn. The fact that this is the reason why your spouse does not feel desires to be intimate with you deserves a conversation on the topic.

The fact that the same chemistry does not exist does not mean that it is definitive and that there is nothing that can be done. The chemistry can come back by making some changes that normally have to do with the routine. If you use the magic of seduction, things can happen again.

  1. Depression

We previously mentioned depression as a psychological factor that can influence a man’s sexual desires. Depression can sometimes camouflage itself and no one is aware of what is happening.

If you suspect that your husband has symptoms of depression, it is important that you seek medical help.

  1. Lack of connection

Some refer to this factor as lack of chemistry, but the connection is more about the couple’s ability to connect as intimate partners. Monotony and the habit of being together can affect the lack of connection.

Breaking the routine and spending time alone is usually the magic wand you need to restart the lost connection.

  1. The use of pornography

Men start using pornography to please themselves when they want and when they want. This can create an addiction to self-satisfaction without the need to interact with the partner. The use of pornography can be highly damaging to a couple, and if that is the case, it is a subject that cannot be ignored.

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  1. Tiredness

If tiredness is associated with overwork or with a medical condition, it is essential that the two find a way to prioritize intimacy in their lives. The absence of sex in a marriage generally does not have good consequences.


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