7 tips to optimize the recruitment and selection process within your company

Do you know the importance of optimizing the recruitment process for your company? It is essential to understand the advantages of investing in actions that guarantee quality and assertiveness in the selection of employees. So, better understand how to optimize the recruitment process and start to have teams with less turnover, greater productivity, engagement and motivation.

First, it is essential to emphasize that every company has a selection and recruitment process. Thus, knowing how to invest accurately in this area is a fundamental issue for institutions that want to get their contracts right. That’s because hiring an employee goes far beyond observing and analyzing what is written on your resume. After all, it is useless to select an employee who has the best resume, however, who does not have the company’s cultural fit.

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If you want to save time and money, check out our tips to optimize the recruitment and selection process and start to have an ideal team for the growth of your company.

What will you read in this article?

  • 7 tips to optimize the recruitment and selection process
    • Know exactly what you are looking for
    • Disclose exactly what you are going to offer
    • Have a standard recruitment process
    • Seek referrals within your own company
    • Use technology to your advantage
    • Advertise vacancies correctly
    • Have an updated database
  • Ready to optimize the recruitment and selection process within your company?

7 tips to optimize the recruitment and selection process

1. Know exactly what you are looking for

You can only get a candidate right when you know exactly what you’re looking for. For this, it is essential that the recruiter has in hand the exact job description, skills and competencies necessary to develop that function.

This definition must be made between the managers of the areas in parallel with the companies’ talent management team.

2. Disclose exactly what you are going to offer

After knowing exactly what candidate profile you are looking for, it is essential to make clear what you are going to offer him. That is:

  • What is the position? Are you senior, full, junior, assistant level?
  • What are the activities that should be carried out in the professional’s day to day?
  • What is the salary offered and the benefits of hiring? Are there extra aids, such as Food Vouchers, health insurance, investment in external courses, among others?
  • What is the workload?
  • Will the professional travel for work? Is it necessary that he has this availability?
  • Does the candidate need to be proficient in any other language?
  • Is it necessary to have specific knowledge or experience in any area?  

This information must be clear to the recruiter and candidates. Thus, it will be easier to filter for those professionals who are really in line with the needs of the company.

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3. Have a standard recruitment process

To optimize the recruitment and selection process it is also important to define a standard for this action. That is: what will be the methodologies used to effect the hiring. Here it is important for the company to define in advance the phases and / or steps that will be carried out for the hiring.

Group dynamics , individual assessments, skill tests, interviews and more can be done . This defined process will ensure that the institution has agility and impartiality in hiring. Still, it makes it analyzed more than the professional’s curriculum and ends up being the time to get to know your candidate effectively.

4. Seek referrals within your own company

Before leaving for the external search, an important tip for companies to be successful in recruiting is: look for your own talents. They must also go through the standard selection process, defined earlier. However, since they are already part of your team, it is possible that they already have the company’s cultural fit and are ready to change areas.

Your company’s professionals can also refer other candidates to go through the recruitment and selection steps. This action increases the candidate’s chances of commitment and good performance. That’s because the person on your team doesn’t want to “get burned”. Therefore, it will not indicate a person who is not trustworthy or who does not fit the company culture. Thus, the appointment will be from a person who has to do with the organization and can be an addition to your team.

However, we remind you here that all candidates must go through the same selection and recruitment steps. Be employees who want to try a new position, professionals indicated by acquaintances or those who came to your company in an organic way.

5. Use technology to your advantage

Technology can be a great ally when it comes to optimizing the recruitment and selection process within your company. Thus, some actions that can be streamlined and organized through technological tools are:

  • Receipt of resumes;
  • Scheduling interviews;
  • Sending feedback and other information about the selection steps;
  • Evaluate and note information about the candidate’s development in the recruitment process;
  • Solution of possible doubts that may be sent by candidates among others.

Understand and technology as a powerful tool to optimize the recruitment and selection process.

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6. Advertise vacancies correctly

Another action that is enhanced by technology is the dissemination of vacancies. Use the tools and platforms offered to publish about the recruitment and selection process. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent channel for publishing on professional matters. There, it is possible to check the updated curriculum of professionals, interests and whether they are looking for a job.

Facebook can also be used to advertise vacancies. You can post them publicly on your own timeline and / or post on the company page. Also, there are a multitude of groups that may be relevant to your organization. So: be sure to post on that channel too.

7. Have an updated database

Technology also works as an excellent ally at this stage. After all, it helps the company to have a digitalized database, updated and always available.

Here, it is important to set aside a place for receiving resumes and also to have detailed information about your employees and their respective job developments. This will help you to optimize the recruitment and selection process.

The database also helps to note the main characteristics of each professional, their strengths and weaknesses and much more. Thus, these skills can be the deciding factor when promoting or hiring a new member for your team


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