7 Simple Steps To Think Better

Many people, especially those who are not as smart as Einstein ūüėõ usually seek to have an increase in their brain power.

And it is that for no one it would be wrong to have a greater capacity when carrying out tasks that require analysis, or heavy philosophical thinking.

However, few of those people care about training their most important muscle: Their Brain.

Although the brain is not specifically a muscle, it can be trained and improved with practice taking into account certain parameters.¬†And it’s just what I want to talk to you about today.

There are basically 7 Simple Steps to think better , that is, to improve your brain power in such a way that you reach a new level of intelligence.

These 7 steps will help your brain get in better shape, and give you access to unlimited power.¬†Of course, do not mistrust the simplicity of its application.¬†And just in case, just ask yourself, how many people do I know who apply the 7 steps?¬†I’m sure very few ūüėČ

  1. Exercise Consistently

No. You don’t have to be an Olympian.¬†Just walking or jogging every morning is enough.¬†The important thing is that you truly dedicate yourself to keeping your body healthy.

This is important for your brain because physical activity enhances the release of neurochemicals (known as endorphins). These chemicals are responsible for making us feel happy, and when we enjoy greater happiness, positive effects have been shown to result in our brain.

  1. Supplement Your Diet

Natural supplements are known to have a good effect on the brain. These supplements not only help you keep your body healthier, but also contribute to the fitness of your brain.

In fact, these supplements are easy to find at a nearby supermarket or shopping center, as they are already popular enough. One of the most famous is Omega 3-6-9.

  1. Use Your Brain

Yes, I know it seems obvious, but be careful, on many occasions we tend to lose our memories, or easily forget things … And it is all because we really do not put this wonderful machinery to good use.

Exercise your brain more often, think and learn, question everything, analyze, read, talk to other people and write. Eventually dedicate yourself to activities that empower your logical and rational thinking.

  1. Take Advantage of Video Games

People underestimate video games, assuming that they harm the brain. On the contrary, these days video games stimulate the senses like never before with any other type of material (a book will never achieve the effect that a video game has on the brain).

As if that were not enough, and with the popularization of Apple and Android devices, more and more excellent quality games are being published. Strategy and high complexity games. It is precisely these that I would recommend, and those that in fact, I personally have installed. Choose to your liking, and regardless of your age, PLAY! Games will increase your neural activity.

  1. Ask yourself about the origin or meaning of things

This is a simple but powerful exercise. Sometimes we go through life without even wondering why we do what we do, or where the words we use come from. I was laughing with a friend recently, as I literally asked him,
‚ÄúHey!¬†Do You Know What A Thing Is? ¬Ľ

And it took about 20 minutes to give me a satisfactory answer.¬†In 5 semesters of my university, the first greeting from one of my professors was “Do you know what a system is?”, To which no one responded.¬†We did not know!¬†And then he continued: “You will be systems engineers … Are you going to be engineers of something that you do not even know how to define?”

In conclusion, asking yourself questions like these, and like those that cause you doubts, expand your understanding and your neural limits, strengthen new connections … etc.¬†Quite a feast for your brain.

  1. Sleep well

Whether you have a Biphasic Sleep, or you dedicate a third of your life to sleep (8 long hours of sleep per day), it is important that the quality of your sleep is maximum.¬†It’s not just about getting a lot of sleep, in fact, the amount of sleep has the least impact;¬†It’s all about your sleep cycles completing upon waking and allowing you to go through various phases of deep sleep during the night.¬†If you can’t fall asleep at least 5 minutes after going to bed, it’s a sign that something should improve.¬†In the same way if you are not able to wake up without an alarm.

The quality of sleep will strongly influence your brain capacity and health in general, since it is precisely at night that short-term memories are consolidated, neurons are regenerated and the muscles of the body grow. If when you wake up in the morning you feel very sleepy and you want to continue sleeping, you know. Be careful.

  1. Relax Every Certain Time

Not only is our body depleted with the complexity of today’s society‚Ķ So is our brain.¬†It is inevitable to think that the over-saturation of information that we receive every day has us on the verge of madness.

It is important that we regain contact with nature, a good time at sea or in a lake, it is simply refreshing.¬†And if you can’t be at the beach frequently, then try to completely disconnect a whole day from the world, and dedicate yourself.¬†It can be on a Saturday or Sunday if you work.

The important thing is that you can spend quality time with yourself, because not doing it would be like not stopping running … At some point you will collapse yes or yes.

So there you have it. 7 Simple Steps that will make you a much more capable person. And you thought it would be more complex


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