7 facts you should know about cats

Cats are very affectionate and have great character. However, it is also important to give it its independence. Since, on many occasions they need less care than other pets.According to a study conducted in 2008 by researchers at the Stroke Institute at the University of Minnesota, cat owners are less likely to die from a heart attack. In addition, many experts point out that the purring of these felines helps reduce the stress of the owner, as well as their blood pressure.

These are the seven facts you should know about cats:

  • Domestic cats, whatever their race, are all members of the same species, Felis catus .
  • Cats communicate by marking trees, poles or furniture with their claws or their urine. Also, leaving their trail is the way they have to inform other felines of the reach of their territory.
  • Taste buds of cats do not detect sweet flavors.
  • The cat licks to maintain its coat to avoid knots. In addition, it removes dirt and fleas. Since, saliva also has a cleansing power.
  • When the cat falls, a mechanism in its inner ear causes its head, neck and spine to rotate in a position that helps it land on its feet. In addition, its long tail serves to have an extraordinary sense of balance.
  • The Siberian tiger shares 95.6% of its genome with the domestic cat, from which it differentiated approximately 10.8 million years ago.
  • These cats only have cones sensitive to green and blue, but not red. It is for being right that although they are able to distinguish the hot colors of the cold ones, they only see the cold colors. Since, the red color is dark gray.
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