7 Causes of Lumps on the Penis

Lumps on the penis can occur in every man and the causes also vary. Not infrequently, this problem can make you worry and reduce self-confidence. In fact, not all lumps on the penis are dangerous and some don’t even need to be treated.

Changes that occur in the penis can make you anxious. However, most lumps on the penis are actually harmless. If you have never had sexual intercourse, a lump on the penis is most likely not a dangerous thing.

Harmless lumps on the penis are usually the same color as the skin around them, look like small yellowish or white spots, and are also not painful.

Some Causes of Lumps on the Penis

In order to deal with this disorder properly, you must first know what causes a lump to appear on the penis. The following are some of the causes of a lump on the penis:

1. Pearly penile papules

Early penile papules are small bumps that are the same color as the surrounding skin and are usually found on the tip of the penis.

Even though it may seem scary to men, this lump itself is something normal and is not caused by a sexually transmitted disease or the result of poor body hygiene. Pearly penile papules also cause no complaints and usually go away on their own without treatment.

2. Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots are small yellowish or white spots that usually appear on the tip or shaft of the penis. In general, this type of lump on the penis is not dangerous and does not require treatment. Apart from the penis, these white spots can also appear on the lips and the inside of the cheeks.

3. Lymphocele

A lump that generally doesn’t last long and doesn’t cause permanent problems is characterized by a hard swelling that suddenly appears on the shaft of the penis after masturbation or sexual intercourse. This condition occurs when the lymph channels in the penis experience temporary obstruction.

4. Peyronie’s disease

Another condition that may be the cause of a lump on the penis is Peyronie’s disease . Peyronie’s disease can present with symptoms in the form of pain in the shaft of the penis and the penis appears to bend when erect .

If this lump has been around for a long time and is painless, doctors usually won’t recommend treatment. However, if the lump causes pain and interferes with sexual activity, then treatment from a doctor is needed to overcome it.

If it doesn’t get better with treatment, a surgical procedure can be an option to overcome it.

5. Genital warts

Lumps on the penis can also be caused by genital warts . Genital warts are not always visible to the eye because sometimes they are very small. The shape can also resemble cauliflower. This disease occurs when a person contracts a sexually transmitted disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) .

Genital warts may cause discomfort, pain, and itching. Someone may have genital warts in large numbers or some may get them in the form of just one lump. Genital warts can be treated with medicated ointments or surgical procedures.

6. Penile cyst

Cysts on the penis are fluid-filled sacs that usually feel hard and are not painful. In general, penile cysts are not dangerous.

These cysts can occur due to blockage of the oil glands in the skin of the penis, epidermoid cysts , or due to congenital abnormalities. Sometimes, some sexually transmitted diseases, such as HPV infection and herpes , can also cause cysts on the penis.

7. Penile cancer

While most are harmless, it is possible that a lump on the penis is a sign that a man has penile cancer. Lumps due to penile cancer can appear on the shaft or tip of the penis.

Apart from a lump, penile cancer may also be marked by the appearance of other symptoms, such as thickening or discoloration of the skin of the penis, redness or rash on the penis, a pile of smelly fluid under the foreskin, and a small crusty lump.

To be sure, sufferers who experience these symptoms are advised to immediately consult a doctor. The sooner it is detected, the greater the success in treating this disease.

Although most lumps on the penis can heal on their own without treatment, it doesn’t mean that a doctor’s examination is not needed.

If a lump in the penis is accompanied by pain, swelling, abnormal discharge, and blood in the urine or sperm, consult a doctor immediately . In addition, you are also advised to always keep your penis clean and not engage in high-risk sexual behavior.


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