6 Reasons to go to college

Are you confused about whether or not to go to college? Connect below for the 6 most compelling reasons to make you chase your diploma.

The occupation you want to pursue requires a degree: After doing a thorough self-assessment, during which you will learn about your work-related values, interests, personality type and aptitude and then explore the appropriate career options you have chosen an occupation which requires a bachelor’s degree for all or most entry-level jobs. Without going to college, it will be impossible to enter the field.

A degree will help with career advancement: many occupations do not require a bachelor’s degree for entry-level jobs, but if you want to advance, you will need one. Decide whether you want to earn a degree before starting your career or after it is in progress.

Going to college will provide you with valuable skills : In addition to preparing you for a particular occupation, you can learn valuable skills that can help you succeed in any career. Through participation in group projects, you will acquire skills such as verbal and written communication, interpersonal, time management, critical thinking and problem solving skills. If you aspire to a supervisory role, you will learn people management skills, and if a creative or entrepreneurial career is part of your plans, classes that teach business skills may be available.

A degree will increase your earning potential: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median weekly earnings increase with each level of education until they decrease slightly with a doctorate. Your ability to stay employed will also improve. The BLS reports a lower unemployment rate among university graduates.

The college offers the opportunity to start building your professional network: your relationship with colleagues and university professors will allow you to establish a foundation for a professional network. These connections will help you start your career and you will be able to access them for years to come as you progress.

Taking tests in a variety of classes will expose you to other career options : Since many institutions expect students to do complementary activities, you will have to take classes outside your area. There will be an opportunity to learn about areas of study that you may not have considered before. Since it is easier to pursue a different career while you are still in college, this may be your time to change course if you wish.

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