6-N-Benzylaminopurine : It is a plant growth regulator of the cytokinin class.


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  • 1 Physical Chemical Characteristics
  • 2 Actions and Mechanisms
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Caution
  • 5 Results obtained
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Physicochemical characteristics

The 6 -BAP in its pure form, is a crystalline and white substance, in industrial grade, it is white or slightly yellowish and odorless. The melting point is 235 ° C, it is stable in acid and alkaline solutions as well as under light and heat. Its solubility in water is 60ppm. It is best solubilized in an acid solution.

Actions and Mechanisms

  1. Promotes the division of cells
  2. Promotes the growth and elongation of cells
  3. Promotes germination
  4. Induces dormant cocoon growth
  5. Regulates the growth and elongation of the stem and leaves
  6. Regulates root growth
  7. Inhibits the aging process of the leaves
  8. Inhibits dominant beak development and promotes the growth of close cocoons
  9. Promotes the formation of flower buds and promotes flowering
  10. Induce the formation of female organs
  11. Prolong the stay of fruits in plants and trees
  12. Promotes the growth of fruits
  13. Induce the formation of tubers
  14. Promotes the adaptation and accumulation of materials
  15. Regulate breathing
  16. Promotes pore opening and evaporation
  17. Increases resistance to adverse conditions
  18. Regulates enzyme activity


The 6 –BAP is applied in various crops for multiple functions.
In grapes and melons to prolong the stay of the fruits in the plants, sprinkling before and after flowering at a dose of 50-100 ppm. In rice to resist hot water, sprinkling the upper part of the plants 7-15 days after growth at a dose of 20 ppm. On apples, roses, onions, and tea trees, as a branch growth promoter, spraying the entire plant at a dose of 100 ppm, when the tips have reached full growth. In spinach, garlic and lettuce as a short-term preservative, sprinkling it on the leaves at a dose of 10-20 ppm before and after harvest. The mixture of 6BA (50ppm) and GA3 (50ppm) is applied in garlic to prolong the storage time., Moistening the base in the mixture for 5-10 minutes.


6 -BAP is a very effective preservative for all kinds of green leafy vegetables. Its effectiveness is markedly improved when combined with GA3. It does not carry over to other tissues of the plant. It is not effective when applied to the surface of the leaves, its effectiveness can be improved if it is combined with other growth inhibitors. If it is combined with GA3, it can be applied in long-term crops to increase the residence time of the fruits on the plants.

Results obtained


Effect of 6-BAP on the in vitro propagation of the taro clone Xanthosoma spp. ´Mexico-8´

The 6-BAP in the branch of Biotechnology is applied in different crops, in the INIVIT very good results have been obtained with the application of this plant hormone mainly in the crops of taro , plantains and bananas using different concentrations, in the clone of taro Xanthosoma spp. ´Mexico-8´, a high multiplication coefficient was obtained with the addition of 3.0 mg.L-1 of 6-BAP, while in the plantain, cultivar ´INIVIT PV06-30´, high multiplication coefficients have been achieved with the concentration of 2.25 mg.L-1 of 6-BAP.


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