6 Important Things Before Deciding To College

After completing your education in high school then it’s time you study again at university. Many people have high school expectations and have an education which can guarantee a person’s life. Education has indeed become a valuable investment because it is timeless. Knowledge obtained during education can also be used as a means to create jobs or get a job. And also to get an education that requires a lot of struggle. Even before entering university you must take various kinds of academic tests. To take the academic test is no joke because your competition is in all directions. For this reason it is important to prepare the best stock. You can choose private lessons as a way to help you understand more in detail about the material to be taught. After careful study preparation there are other things that you should consider for yourself. Next 6important things before deciding to go to college .

The Purpose of Taking Education

You certainly are familiar with the many news about students who fail to study and drop out in the middle of the road. This can happen to anyone who does not have a definite goal in pursuing education. That is, the first thing you must ask yourself is the goal you want. When you get a definite goal, you will be sure to continue your education until completion. The goal becomes the initial foundation for you to fight in the next stage. If indeed until now you have not found the destination you are looking for then you can consult or share with your school teacher, or maybe with a tutor and ask parents and friends. Just do not ever make the wishes of parents as your goal for education.

Jobs Obtained After Graduating from College

Most people think that going to college will have good job prospects. So studying here is just to get a job. If indeed you also think like this then it helps you change this mindset. Many people choose to study in a major that has good job prospects but in fact they still do not work. All you have to remember, college is not just to get a job and finish. It will feel like a waste if you study for years but only to get the job you want. Apart from work, you can get a lot of insights and experiences which will make you better in living life in the future.


In this life you certainly have confidence in the Creator, so that’s why don’t forget to pray to the Creator so that what you do is facilitated.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests can be one of the reasons you choose a major in college. This is fine, it’s just hobbies and strong interests that you can choose as a major. Interests and hobbies can still be developed outside of class hours . Make sure your initial goal has a strong relationship with your hobbies and interests. You also have to be sure of the hobbies and interests that you have whether or not they really fit the purpose. Because hobbies and interests do not have to be channeled through academic education.

Basics Choosing Majors

Each department has their level of difficulty. When you think of majoring in language because you think it’s easy then you are not right. Each department has its own standards and difficulties. To choose a major you can choose it based on your abilities. In order not to enter the wrong department you must find as much information. You can also choose a field of study that you have long studied and have the ability in this field. Finding information from various sources is also very important so that you have other views to make choices. In addition, also consider passing the grade you choose. Passing grade will let you know the number of rivals who also want the same majors as you.

Parents’ Opinions

When determining majors often debate with parents can not be avoided just like that. In fact, not infrequently you will oppose what parents want. Actually this does not need to happen, parents always have broad knowledge and different points of view about the majors in lectures. This happens because parents are already in college and have more experience than you. For that you can discuss carefully, there is no need to argue or fight just because of majors. Involving the opinions of parents will help you have a different view. It is true that later on you who will go through the lecture process are just that the advice given by parents to their children is certainly not haphazard. If there really is a difference of opinion,college you choose. If indeed the reasons given are good and reasonable then you can accept the opinions of parents. But if you don’t agree, then you can provide an explanation and convince your parents that the course or place of study you choose is the best.


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