6 Function of Intonation in Reading News Scripts

The technique of reading news well is one of the skills that must be mastered by journalists or reporters in addition to news writing techniques or how to write news . The purpose of reading a news script is for others to understand what is being conveyed. Therefore, when reading a news script there are several things that must be considered, one of which is intonation. The role of intonation in reading news scripts is very large because it determines the meaning of a sentence that is read.

What is meant by intonation?

The Big Indonesian Dictionary defines intonation as sentence song. Meanwhile, Irman (2008) defines intonation as high and low notes in pronunciation. Intonation is commonly expressed as numbers (1,2,3.4). The number 1 represents the lowest pitch, while the number 4 represents the highest pitch. Halim (1984) states, intonation is particle as pitch pattern and wave as pitch pitch. Halim further explained that there are four types of intonation, namely intonation decreases, rises, holds, and decreases rising.

Another notion of intonation is stated by Juhara et al (2008) which states that intonation is a song sentence or accuracy of high or low presentation orally. Intonation includes various things such as tempo, tone, and volume. This was stated by Sutarni and Sukardi (2002) who stated that intonation includes setting the speed of speech (tempo), the level of sound (pitch or pitch), and breathing settings to keep the sound (volume) stable until the end of the reading.

These things make a speech, in this case the news is read, sounds more rhythmic, is pleasant to hear, and has a clear meaning. Thus, intonation in news or reading news scripts has several functions, including the following.

  1. Form meaning

The function of intonation in reading the first news script is to form meaning in sentences. News texts that are read with the right intonation will form certain meanings of the information conveyed. According to Juhara et al (2008), this function appears between news sentences, question sentences, and command sentences. This meaning is understood by those who hear it. However, if the news text is presented with incorrect intonation it can lead to misperception or misunderstanding of the information conveyed. (Also read: Complexity of Words’ Meaning in Verbal Communication )

  1. Speech becomes rhythmic

The next function of intonation in reading the next news script is to make the speech or reading of the news more rhythmic. In a sense it doesn’t sound monotonous or boring. In addition, rhythmic news reading can clarify the meaning that is formed. The listener will easily understand what is conveyed. (Also read: Syntactic Functions in the News Text )

  1. Concerned a part in the sentence

In addition to forming food and making speech rhythmic, intonation in reading news scripts also serves to prioritize a part of the sentence. Usually this is marked by the emphasis on certain words. This emphasis affects the understanding and meaning of sentences. If you pay attention, this function is in line with the pause function in reading news texts that is affecting the understanding and meaning of the sentence. Example:

  • Putra goes to Jakarta. (the person who went to Jakarta was someone named Putra)
  • Putra goes to Jakarta. (Son does not only intend to go to Jakarta)
  • Putra goes to Jakarta. (Jakarta is the city to which Putra is headed, not any other city)
  1. Make a certain impression

The function of intonation in reading the next news script is to create certain impressions such as sadness, joy, and so on. This can usually be found when hearing news of grief or news of natural disasters that claimed a lot of casualties and not a small amount of material loss. (Also read: Reverse Pyramid Function in News )

  1. Expressing opposition

Intonation also serves to express contradictions that are marked by the emphasis of certain words. For example,

Certainly, the explosion was not due to a bomb but rather gas fuel.

The sentence above shows that the emphasis on the word not in a loud voice indicates a conflict about the cause of an event or event being reported. (Also read: Time Caption Function in News Text )

  1. Attract attention

The function of intonation in the news or when reading the last news script is to attract the attention of the listener. Usually, this is done when you want to start reading the news by giving an opening greeting to the listener or audience. In order to be able to attract the attention of listeners and viewers, the opening greetings are delivered in a lowered tone and with the right speed. (Also read: Articulation Function in News )

Thus a brief review of the function of intonation in reading news texts. Hopefully it can broaden our horizons and knowledge about intonation and its function in reading news scripts.


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