6 Diffuser Functions in Photography

In the world of photography, there are many tools or theories of lighting in photography that can be used or applied to produce maximum results. One that is often used is related to flash photography, where the presence of flash light makes it easy to take photos or images of objects can be done in a variety of character places.

Even so, the existence of flash photography also sometimes causes difficulties and damages the final result if not used properly. Therefore, to avoid the bad effects of flash photography there is one of the accessories and tools parts of various photographic compositions that can be used. The tool is a diffuser.

Diffuser in photography itself is certainly no stranger to the world of photography, where the diffuser can be understood as a device mounted on a light source that is flash so as not to cause harsh shadows. In addition, there are also several diffuser functions in photography, such as:

  1. Pressing the power of light that is too strong

If you pay attention when the flash light comes out of the camera, the light is very strong and bright. To overcome this, a diffusser is used which serves to suppress the power of light that is too strong from the flash. Therefore, many diffuser mounted or placed at the end of the speedlight or external flash on the camera used.

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  1. Make the light emitted more diffuse

The function of the diffuser in photography is also to make the flash light coming out of the camera more diffuse. This is because the flash light that comes out is usually more focused on just one point, so the use of a diffuser can help the spread of light become more diffuse or widespread.

  1. Softens the flash light

The diffuser function which furthermore is still related to its function which can spread the flash light. Where with a more diffused flash light can cause the light to be softer or soft, so the light becomes not too strong. For this reason, the diffuser also functions to soften the flash light from the camera used.

  1. Prevent the emergence of shadows that are too strong

With a flash light that becomes softer and also more diffuse, it will also affect the shadows that are produced from the subject or object taken. Where the diffuser function in photography can prevent the emergence of shadows that are too strong.

The emergence of shadows that are too strong behind the object and the subject of photography itself is one of the potential problems caused when using flash light. Therefore, a diffuser is needed to prevent the problem of the resulting shadow.

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  1. Prevent the subject or object from being overexposed

Because flash usually only focuses on one point, it can increase the risk of objects or photographic subjects being overexposed . The role of photography as a medium of communication , causing the results of photography must be as much as possible so that the message can be conveyed properly.

But with results that are too overesposed can reduce the natural impression of the photographic subject. But by using a diffuser with its functions to adjust the flash light, it can prevent the subject or photographic object from being overesposed .

  1. Make the results more natural

Another function of using a diffuser in photography is that it can make photographic results more natural. This is also caused by the fact that the flash light itself can also make the results of the subject or object taken seem unnatural due to excessive lighting, so that it can damage various kinds of themes in photography. Therefore, the diffuser can help to overcome this one photography problem combined with other diffuser functions that have been mentioned earlier.

Those are some of the diffuser functions in photography that are important to understand in order to produce maximum results and also high artistic value. Knowing the function and purpose of composition in photography is certainly important, especially for beginners, so they can improve their abilities later. Hopefully the information above can be useful.


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