50 Stupid Laws From All United States

Federal and state laws exist in the United States. The 50 states of the United States are authorized by the federal constitution to formulate and implement their own laws. Some of these laws are rarely implemented and are even considered strange, controversial and unpleasant. While some of these laws are extravagant and rarely could be broken by the average citizen, some laws refer to such common behaviors that many could violate the law without even realizing it!

“Stupid laws” throughout the United States

Harassing Big Foot (Washington) is prohibited

In the US state of Washington, it is a crime punishable by a fine or jail for harassing the big foot, Sasquatch or any other undiscovered species. The county of Skamania, Washington, was the first county to draft the law in 1964 which states that “any voluntary and unbridled murder of such creatures will be considered a crime”. Even the county of Whatcom, Washington, unanimously approved the law on 6/9/91 declaring the county a refuge for Sasquatch and Bigfoot. It is likely that any person who violates this law will be charged an amount not exceeding $ 100,000 or a prison sentence of no more than two years, probably a bit harsh for a character in urban legends.

It is illegal to catch a fish with bare hands (Kansas)

Hand fishing without a license is illegal in Kansas State. Anyone planning to fish by hand must first obtain a hand fishing license in addition to a fishing license with an additional $ 27.50. Sounds simple enough, right? However, it is legal to fish flat-headed catfish from sunrise to sunset June 15 through August 31 along the Arkansas River, all federal basins beyond the 150 yards of a dam and the entire stretch of the Kansas River. Anyone with a hand fishing license is not allowed to use hooks, diving equipment and any man-made fishing gear except a crossbar that is deployed only after a fish has been caught.

Illegal to eat fried chicken (except with hands) (Gainesville, Georgia)

In Gainesville County, Georgia, it is against the law to eat fried chicken in any other way than with bare hands. As far as the law may seem absurd, it is applied. In 2009, a 91-year-old visitor from Louisiana was arrested and accused of eating fried chicken with a fork. The law has existed since 1965 and the art of eating hand-fried chicken is considered “a culinary delicacy sacred to this municipality”.

Drivers do not have to pump their own gas (Oregon and New Jersey)

It is illegal for drivers to pump their gas into the state of Oregon. The law was passed in 1951 and seeks to reduce fire accidents caused by improper use of flammable material by untrained personnel, and anyone who violates this law is liable for a fine of $ 500. The law states that only the owner, the pump operator or the employee is authorized to pump the gas. In 2015, a law was enacted by law to allow citizens living in less populated areas with less than 40,000 to pump their gas. A similar law also exists in New Jersey.

Other controversial laws in the United States.

Some other strange laws include: it is forbidden to open an umbrella on the road in Alabama, denying anyone that a glass of water is banned in Arizona, and it is also illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado.

50 “Stupid laws” throughout the United States

degree Law Where is it
1 It is forbidden to open an umbrealla on a road Alabama
2 Dominoes cannot be played on Sunday Alabama
3 Illegal throwing confetti or fooling sprays Alabama (mobile)
4 Flamingos are not allowed in barber shops Alaska (Juneau)
5 It is forbidden to deny someone a glass of water Arizona
6 Dogs do not bark after 6PM Arkansas (Little Rock)
7 Spitting is allowed only on baseball diamonds California (Burlingame)
8 Illegal to collect rainwater Colorado
9 It is illegal for car dealers to show cars on Sunday Colorado
10 A pickle is not a pickle unless it rebounds Connecticut
11 One is not walking backwards after sunset Connecticut (Devon)
12 It is forbidden to fly over water without sufficient supplies Delaware
13 Singing in public places is not permitted when wearing a bathing suit Florida
14 Unlicensed skateboarding is prohibited Florida
15 You should not live on a boat for more than 30 days Georgia
16 Illegal eating fried chicken anyway, but with your hands Georgia (Gainesville)
17 Chickens are not allowed to cross the street Georgia (Quitman)
18 Advertising posters are not allowed Hawaii
19 You can’t put a coin behind your ear Hawaii
20 It is forbidden to give a box of chocolates weighing more than 50 lbs Idaho
21 Bicycles are not allowed on the tennis courts Idaho
22 It is forbidden to give whiskey to dogs Illinois (Chicago)
23 No kite allowed to be flown within the city limits Illinois (Chicago)
24 The value of pi is 4, not 3.1415 Indiana
25 Palm reading is prohibited Iowa (Cedar Rapids)
26 It is illegal to catch a fish with your bare hands Kansas
27 False promises are not allowed Louisiana
28 No one is to get out of a mid-air plane Maine
29 Christmas decorations should not exceed 14th of January Maine
30 Bringing a lion to the cinema is not allowed Maryland (Baltimore)
31 Beer should not be given to hospital patients Massachusetts
32 All Putt-Putt courses must be closed no later than 1am. Michigan (Detroit)
33 No one has to cross the state lines with a duck on top of the head Minnestoa
34 Anyone who disturbs religious services is subject to an arrest of citizens Mississippi
35 It is forbidden to scare a child Missouri (mole)
36 Lifting of domestic rats is prohibited Montana (Billings)
37 Donut holes should not be sold Nebraska (Lehigh)
38 Camels are not allowed on motorways Nevada
39 In restaurants it is forbidden to touch your feet, shake your head or move to music in any water New Hampshire
40 A person needs to lend a phone to someone else who needs it New Jersey
41 No slippers before 10 pm New York
42 It is illegal to sing off key North Carolina
43 No bingo game will last more than 5 hours North Carolina
44 The service of beer and salted donuts at the same time is not permitted North Dakota
45 No one will participate in a duel Ohio
46 Drivers do not have to pump their gas Oregon
47 There are no professional sports on Sundays RE
48 it is forbidden to catch a fish using a string Tennessee
49 Drinking milk is mandatory Utah
50 Harassing Bigfoot is prohibited Washington


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