50 strong love quotes: confessing your feelings romantically

Even the strongest and most loving couples can experience slack periods. And, this is where strong love quotes can help you. How? ‘Or’ What ? A little romantic message can allow you to rekindle the flame that may have been extinguished between you. Between professional worries, the frantic pace of everyday life and the little worries of everyday life, passion and romance can very easily disappear.

This does not mean that the couple does not love each other anymore. It also doesn’t mean that the two partners are no longer attracted to each other. No ! It is simply the result of the stress and problems of the different activities that you do during the day. When you are mentally and physically exhausted, it can be easy to forget about your partner’s needs and wants.

Thus, romantic evenings are gradually transformed into TV and snacking evenings. You get too tired to cuddle in the evening when you go to bed. And, sex becomes optional! But do not panic ! All you need is a little help rekindling the desire and the passion. And, strong love quotes can be the perfect tool for that.

A simple romantic, sensual, or sexually-oriented message can help remind your partner how much you still love them and let them know that you still want him or her. Despite the daily stress and fatigue of the routine, your emotions and feelings are still going strong. Use the sweet words listed below to say “I love you” to your other half.

Strong love quotes: my feelings are still intense

Sometimes the rhythm of life makes us forget the simplest things but also the most important. So, we don’t say “I love you” or “I want you” to the person who matters most to us. Take inspiration from the 50 strong love quotes listed below to find the perfect message for your partner.

Your sweet note should be personal and it should reflect the type of relationship you have with your other half. Whether it’s for lack of time or because you can’t speak the words, writing a love SMS is the new way, in our modern era, to share your feelings. Be creative and do not be ashamed of your emotions: your partner will be happy to receive a romantic message from you.

Strong love quotes for romantics

Even though the development of technology may make us think romance is dead, it is not. The list of love quotes below is proof of that. Choose one or use the following messages as inspiration to say “I love you” to your partner.

  1. If I had to live my life again, I would make sure to find you sooner so I could love you longer!
  2. Even if you broke my heart into thousands of pieces, I would pick each one up and put them back in your hands.
  3. Our love is so great that even the universe is jealous of it.
  4. I want to live in your eyes, die in your arms and be buried in your heart.
  5. Love is saying “I love you” without speaking… So, there you go… I am telling you by SMS!
  6. If you asked me why I love you, I should explain to you why I live.
  7. To love is to lose control of oneself so believe me when I tell you that I am no longer the master of anything!
  8. It seems that when I talk about you, I have stars in my eyes. I have no problem believing this because when I think of you, my whole being shines.
  9. The best feeling in the world is looking at the loved one in the eye and knowing that they also feel the same way. Thank you for choosing me!
  10. To love someone is not to imagine your life with that person. It is being unable to imagine your life without her. And, if you weren’t there, my future wouldn’t exist!
  11. Love means thinking about others much more often than about yourself. And, I think about you all the time. I love you my dear !
  12. You are like the melody of my life, sweet and soothing to listen to in any weather. This melody gives rhythm to the beating of my heart every day, without it, I am incomplete.
  13. These are three simple words and it only takes a few seconds to pronounce them. Yet it will all live a lifetime to prove them: I love you!
  14. I didn’t think that a single smile could freeze time or that a simple glance could dress my days. There you are, you do miracles every day. I love you with all my heart !
  15. Sometimes our ordinary life turns into a fairy tale. How? ‘Or’ What ? By the presence of love. And, your love makes me the happiest person on earth.
  16. I loved you, I love you and I will love you all my life. And, when I die, I will continue to love you from the Hereafter!
  17. To the world, you are one person. But, to me, you are the whole world. You are the most exceptional being that I know. Thank you for being a part of my life and making it so great.
  18. In the end, love is just a word. At least until you meet the person who defines it for you. Thank you for making me understand this feeling.
  19. It was only when I learned to love that I learned to live! So, in fact, my life started when I met you!
  20. Contrary to popular belief, love is not blind. It just allows us to see hidden things that no one else can notice! I wanted you to know that I saw you as you are and that is why I chose to love you!
  21. It takes faith to believe in love. It cannot be touched or seen, only felt. So I can’t prove why I love you but I know that without you I couldn’t even breathe.
  22. We must love each other like crazy because unfortunately we only have one life to spend together!
  23. All love stories are of course beautiful, but ours is exceptional. It gives me wings and it makes me believe in the impossible. Thank you for being who you are because you are perfect!
  24. Kissing is the best way to say everything without saying a single word. I arrive very quickly to give you very soft kisses!
  25. Every day I wake up and tell myself that I can’t love you more than yesterday. Then, I meet your gaze and a new wave of emotions invades me. Our love grows daily, so imagine what awaits us in a few years!

Strong love quotes for those who want to rekindle sexual passion

If you are looking for something more direct and want to show your sensual side to your partner, below is a list of strong love quotes that will help you reveal your sexual desires and heat up the heat between you. of them !

  1. If kisses are the language of love then we have a lot to say to each other tonight!
  2. I can still smell your taste on my lips, but I’m still hungry. I can’t wait to see you again to satisfy my hunger!
  3. Sometimes I can only sit and admire you because you are so sexy! Your dream body gives me crazy ideas …
  4. I want to taste something sweet… Come and join me asap!
  5. Don’t spend too much today … Save some for me tonight!
  6. The only place I want to be this morning is in your arms. And maybe more !
  7. I only dream of one thing: you, me and naughty games. Leaving?
  8. I can’t wait for you to come home from work to rip your clothes off and have sex in the shower.
  9. Impossible to work… I only think of you and your delicate hands.
  10. I miss you, I want to feel you near me …
  11. I am so hungry. I want to taste and savor every inch of your sexy body.
  12. Do you want to know what I’m fantasizing about right now? Come home quickly to find out …
  13. Can you send me a sexy pic to help me get through this tough day at work? You hesitate… OK! I’ll send you one first …
  14. I was thinking about the noises we make when we are both alone. It’s like a song in my head that obsesses me.
  15. Just thinking of the way your tongue runs over my skin… Great, now I need to cool off… you wanna help me?
  16. You are my drug and I am completely addicted!
  17. Did I tell you how sexy you are? No ? Just thinking about your body, I go mad / mad with desires …
  18. Do you miss me? Yes or yes? Come join me then because I have a surprise for you.
  19. Hi you. I can’t sleep, because I had to tell you how much I wanted you, there… Now… Good night!
  20. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re not here tonight because if you were, we wouldn’t sleep.
  21. Confession: I was naughty today and I probably deserve a spanking. If only there was someone to do it …
  22. Can you tell me in detail what you are going to do to me tonight when you sleep with me? The excitement and anticipation of spending the night with you drives me crazy.
  23. I just had the dirtiest thought I ever had about you. Too dirty to be texted. I will tell you later and I would like us to put it into practice!
  24. Right now I am sending you messages with one hand because the other is busy doing something else. Can you guess what it is?
  25. I love the way you kiss me to say goodbye… but it always makes me want to do more.

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