50 Examples of Insectivorous Animals

The Insectivores animals are those which feed on insects feeding on their proteins . For example: the frog, the spider, the anteater.

Although there are animals that base their diet purely and exclusively on the ingestion of insects, others consume insects such as fruits, leaves, stems and vegetables.

Insects are a key part of the food chain , they are rich in animal protein and are present in almost all ecosystems.

Most insectivorous animals are birds , although there are also mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles and even plants that feed on insects.

Insectivorous birds

Insectivorous birds have highly developed abilities to hunt insects. They have tiny hairs around their beaks (vibrissae) with which they capture the vibrations of the flapping of their prey in the air.

The shape of their beak acts as a clamp, allowing them to dig up insects and remove them from holes or places that are difficult to access. For example: the goldfinch, the swallow, the thrush.

Insectivorous mammals

There are more than 400 species of insectivorous mammals . In general, and with some exceptions, insectivorous mammals are small in size. For example: the mole, the bat, the hedgehog, the shrew.

Insectivorous amphibians

The amphibians Insectivores tongue have a series of glands that produce a sticky substance that makes both insects and other prey remain adhered to the tongue and then devour. For example: the toad, the frog.

Insectivorous reptiles

There is a great variety of reptiles that feed exclusively on insects. Some of them do it at birth, but then change the type of diet as they grow and develop. For example: the crocodile, the lizard, the lizard.

Insectivorous insects

The insects are animals that feed on almost anything: corpses, rotting wood, rotting vegetables. However, there are some insectivorous insects. For example: the dragonfly, the wasp, the ant.

Insectivorous arachnids

Most spiders are insectivorous. Some weave fabrics in which insects are trapped, others capture them by pouncing on them to inject their venom. For example: the chick spider, the tarantula, the scorpion.

Examples of insectivorous animals

Examples of insectivorous birds

Bee-eater Blackbird Robin
Hoopoe Woodpecker Mockingbird
Starling Flycatcher Tyranids
Swallow Parulids Sparrow

Examples of insectivorous mammals

Armadillo Bat Mole
Aardvark Shrew Meerkat
Sea urchin Anteater Mongoose

Examples of insectivorous amphibians

Country frog Harlequin frog Green toad
Flying frog Salamander Midwife toad
Glass frog Marine toad Triton

Examples of insectivorous reptiles

Chameleon Long-tailed lizard Crystal lizard
Gecko Pipe lizard Red bellied snake
Cinderella lizard Rock lizard Gecko

Examples of insectivorous insects

Wasp Dragon-fly Pharaoh ant
Lacewings Praying mantis Bullet ant
Killer fly O Ant-lion

Examples of insectivorous arachnids

Corner spider Red back spider Tarantulas
Wheat spider Wolf spider Black widow
Chick Spider Camel spider Scorpion

Insectivorous plants

Also called carnivorous plants , they have different techniques to attract and devour their prey. They use animal protein as a supplementary diet since, like other plants, their main source of energy is photosynthesis.

Examples of insectivorous plants

Aldrovanda Dionaea Heliamphora
Byblis Sundew Nepenthes
Cephalotus Drosophyllum Penguin
Darlingtonia Genlisea Sarracenia


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