50 Examples of Alliteration

The aliteración is a literary device which is characterized by the successive repetition of a certain sound in order to produce some effect. For example: The lady does not love the master. 

The most common is the repetition of syllables to produce a sound type result, although there are also alliterations that repeat only the vowels.

An alliteration can be used in verses, tongue twisters, or in poetry:

  • Alliteration in tongue twisters . It is generally used to teach or transmit a certain sound to children. In these cases the initial consonant is repeated in all the words of the same sentence. For example: Three sad tigers.
  • Alliteration in poetry . It is one of the rhetorical figures used to embellish writing. In this case, it is intended to repeat a single phoneme or similar phonemes. For example: Sighs escape from your strawberry mouth. In this poem by Rubén Darío the repetition of the letter S is used with the intention of highlighting the sighs.
  • Alliteration in verse . Skaldic poetry (or court poetry) is characterized by using at least three words that begin with the same letter in the same verse.

Alliteration and onomatopoeia

On many occasions, alliteration is often confused with onomatopoeia, but they are different concepts: alliteration is the repetition of a sound and onomatopoeia represents the specific action in writing.

For example: wow (evokes the barking action of a dog) pum (evokes a gunshot).

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Examples of tongue twister alliteration

  1. There is a skinned, skinned hen that marries a skinned, hairy, skinned rooster, and they have skinned, hairy, and skinned chicks.
  2. Donkey saving, hill I run through the mud, with a car, jar, churro, lining.
  3. Pepe combs his hair, Pepe chops potatoes, Pepe eats a pineapple, Pepe has few freckles.
  4. Mr. Magana got lick, spider, tangle, for eating lasagna.
  5. Three sad tigers eat wheat in a wheat field.
  6. The straw train pita puja puja pita.
  7. Pablito nailed a little nail, what little nail did Pablito nail?
  8. Consuelo, contemplate, happy …
  9. Three sad trapeze artists run with three pieces of rags
  10. Pedro chops potatoes with a peeler. Pedro chops potatoes.
  11. There comes he who came to drink wine has come.
  12. The gold and the Moor promise in the tower of gold.
  13. Wagons and wagons run down the road.
  14. The master loves the housekeeper but the housekeeper does not love the master.
  15. The nerdy kid eats gnocchi while doing nerdies and then puts on a bow tie.
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Examples of alliteration in poetry

  1. The noise with which the hoarse tempest rolls (José Zorrilla)
  2. With the light wing of the slight fan (Rubén Darío)
  3. Spain, end of the spider web, scythe.
  4. It folds and folds, it folds and folds
  5. Roque’s dog does not have a tail because Roque has cut it off (anonymous)
  6. The goldfinch
    sings, and in the pilgrim sun from its yellow throat
    New threshing wheat fries the glass of the trill (Leopoldo Lugones)
  7. Like a bull that is bull and blue that is from Spain
  8. In the silence they only heard
    The whisper of the bees that sounded (Garcilaso de la Vega)
  9. While you sit, the soul laughs
    Without the lips laughing (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)
  10. On the tympanum,
    the background hiss ceases (Andrés Anwandter)
  11. His loose eyes light up the ground
  12. With the gorse face there is a rich heart
  13. Ya chole chango chilango
    What a chafa chamba te chutas
    No check walking in a tacuche
    And chale with the tray (Chilanga Banda)
  14. Much, much noise,
    Window noise, Apple
    that end up rotting.
    Much, much noise,
    So much, so much noise,
    So much noise and
    finally the end.
    So much noise and in the end. (Joaquin Sabina)
  15. Someone announces when the souls will appear
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