50 Declarations of Love: The Ultimate Selection of Words from the Heart!

Declarations of love are sweet words that you can send to your partner to help them understand the magnitude of your feelings.

But not only. Indeed, there are several situations in which you can write declarations of love to the person you love.

First, there is the hidden love. That is, when you are in love with someone but they are not aware of your feelings.

Either because you never confessed how you felt for her, or because she is completely blind to the signals you are sending.

After all, not everyone is good at understanding subtle messages. So, a written declaration of love can be an original way to finally ease your heart and share the emotions that are there.

Then you have couples who have a complicated love affair. Either because they argue a lot or because they live far from each other.

So, a declaration of love can be a way of asking for forgiveness, of explaining their behavior or of simply reassuring the other about the sincerity of your feelings.

The purpose of a declaration of love is to help you confess what is hidden deep in your heart.

So, a written declaration of love is a way to show the other how much you care about him or her.

Thanks to it, you can be reconciled, you can prove your shared love or just solidify the emotions that already unite you.

But, not everyone has an easy pen. Indeed, some people do not know how to say what they really feel.

Words fail them! And, sometimes, inspiration too. Here is a selection of the 50 most beautiful declarations of love to say “I love you” in an original way.

Declarations of love when the other is unaware of your feelings

Hidden or one-sided love can be very difficult to experience. In fact, you accumulate emotions deep inside you but you cannot talk about them to the object of your affection.

So a sincere declaration of love can help you reveal how you really feel. Besides, who knows? Maybe this sweet word will help you conquer the person who stole your heart without knowing it.

Romantic declarations of love for him and her:

  1. Between my heart and my tongue there were insurmountable mountains. I had to shave mountains to make my way, but today all the barriers of silence are breaking. On this day, finally, the words come out of my mouth to say “I love you”.
  2. Here is a declaration of love for you… I know that I may surprise you but it’s been far too long that I have been hiding my love for you. So there you have it: I love you. And, I hope one day you will share these same feelings.
  3. I hope that one day your gaze will fall on me and that you will finally notice me. So nothing will count, except you. Tell me if I can hope to be with you It’s up to you, but know that I care a lot for you.
  4. Since we met, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. Your face is projected all the time in my head, when I am with you I cannot confess my feelings to you but, today, by this message I declare my love to you in the hope that the feelings are reciprocal . I love you…
  5. I must confess something to you that I haven’t dared to tell you until now. It’s gnawing at me inside and I’m starting to suffer so I go for it. I would like to say these beautiful words to you, I would like to tell you that I love you.

I no longer had a choice, I had to write you a declaration of love:

  1. Since my gaze met yours, I have come to love you. I’m trying to show you interest but you think it’s friendship. So, here it is… I am showing myself more clearly: I love you!
  2. I’m finally launching. I am writing you these few lines to make you a declaration of love! Yes, you read that right. I sincerely love you and I hope you feel the same as me.
  3. I have tried very hard to hide how I feel about you. But, everything comes back to me like a boomerang as soon as I see you. Please don’t make me suffer anymore and tell me: do you love me like I love you?
  4. For too long I have been pretending to be your friend. So there you go… I want to be honest. I want to be much more than that. Would you give me a chance to make you happy?
  5. Love was with subscribers absent for a long time. Then I met you… Now I’m just thinking about you and how I could say “I love you” to you. I hope this declaration of love will do the trick!

Romantic declarations of love

When love goes, everything goes! Or, almost … In any case, when the two partners share sincere and strong feelings, the love grows every day.

Here is a selection of declarations of love that will allow you to strengthen the emotional bond that already unites you and your other half.

Be original and creative because a romantic and heartfelt declaration of love can really boost the romance between you and your partner.

An original list of declarations of love:

  1. Since I met you, my heart beats very hard for you and my life has suddenly lit up with love. I would like you to realize how much love I have for you. I love you madly…
  2. I love you so much that you can’t imagine. Madly, desperately, intensely, tenderly, madly …
  3. I can’t imagine life without your smile to brighten my days, without your love to warm my nights. You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me!
  4. When I see your eyes, it seems like nothing matters anymore. The whole world disappears, It’s just you and me.
  5. You are my most beautiful poem… You are my most beautiful “I love you”, strength and fragility, tenderness and courage. Thank you for always supporting me. You are my everything!

Who Said Romanticism Is Dead?

  1. I know I often tell you that I love you, but this time I opted for a written declaration of love. Indeed, I want you to be able to read these words over and over again. There you go… I love you passionately. I am very lucky to have such an exceptional being like you in my life and I promise to do my best to make you happy.
  2. The tenderness of your eyes and the beauty of your smiles capsize me in a world of infinite happiness and pleasure. I love you so much.
  3. I love you more than anything in the world. With you in my life, everything is more beautiful and stronger. You are my soul mate, my heart and my happiness.
  4. I am sending you this message to tell you that if now my heart is beating so hard, it is because it only thinks of you.
  5. I love you for all that you are, all that you bring to me and all that we will be. I’m not necessarily very good at declaring love but I think that sums up what I feel perfectly.

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Declarations of love for her

Women LOVE declarations of love. Indeed, they have an easier time talking about their feelings so they sometimes have the impression that men are lazy or selfish in this area.

Surprise your other half with a romantic declaration of love that will prove to him that you too are capable of saying “I love you” to him and to amaze him with your romanticism.

The most beautiful declarations of love for your spouse:

  1. In front of everyone, I declare my love to you. I love you and I will love you forever.
  2. It is not easy to express what one feels, especially when the force of what one feels is indescribable. You bring me so much that I feel ready to face any obstacle: for you, I could lift mountains or face the oceans.
  3. I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night thinking of you. And at night, I dream of you. When I see you sad, I suffer without knowing why, when I see you happy, I feel happy.
  4. I already liked. A little, a lot even. But with you it’s obvious. I love you both tenderly and passionately, in short I love you madly.
  5. As the water flowing in a river feeds the sea, your love flows in my veins and irrigates my heart. I love you tenderly and without limits, like the mad man that I am.

For me, you are the most beautiful declaration of love that exists:

  1. You are the devil who set my heart on fire and who maintains this flame inside me… I love you, my love.
  2. I’m bad at writing declarations of love and you know it. But, for some time, I feel inspired. Indeed, I have the impression that you have become my muse. The woman who feeds my creativity. You make me happy, strong and confident. So, thank you… Thank you for loving me so sincerely!
  3. You are my love, my passion, my incessant admiration. You make me so happy that I can only be in love. Thank you for being the hero of my fairy tale. I love you, my beautiful knight!
  4. Today I take the pen to write how much I love you. It is with my heart that these words fly to my happiness. My happiness is you, it’s true I can say it honestly …
  5. By your side, I blossom. By your side, I feel alive. Thank you for all the happiness you bring me, thank you for sharing the good and the bad with me. I love you my heart !

Declarations of love for him

Even though we tend to think that men don’t need big declarations of love, this is not true!

Indeed, they also like to hear their partner talk about their feelings towards them. So, prove to your man that he is your Prince Charming by writing him a romantic and unique declaration of love.

The feelings revealed through sincere declarations of love:

  1. I opened the doors of my heart to you and you knew how to enter them. But you won’t be able to escape because my heart is a real labyrinth. You are the prince of this kingdom where you make me your princess. I love you and I will love you until the last beat of my heart.
  2. How many letters have we sent each other since we got together? Probably not enough yet. Because there are not enough words, nor strong enough, to express the intensity of my passion. I love you my dear.
  3. Love. A verb that didn’t mean much to me until I met you… And since then, everything has been turned upside down in me. Upset.
  4. When I needed to be no longer alone, you arrived. We didn’t know we were meant to love each other and yet when our eyes met our hearts were filled with intense emotion. Even today, I feel this passion. I love you my dear.
  5. Sweetheart, I am writing this little declaration of love to you because I want you to know that you mean everything to me. You are my lover, my confidant, my hero. In short, you are the ideal man for me and I love you more than anything!

I wonder if a declaration of love is enough to make you happy:

  1. I fall in love with you at every bottom that your deep gaze plunges into mine. Imagine how crazy I am for you. And, tomorrow, I will love you even more because you are the only one able to make me happy.
  2. Sweetheart, I am writing this declaration of love to tell you that you are a perfect partner. You make me happy and fulfilled. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me. Know that I will always be yours …
  3. You are the very personification of love. You are generous, patient, intelligent and funny. And, above all, you are beautiful! My heart and my eyes never tire of you.
  4. Love had scared me for a long time. I was even terrified of it but now that I know that you love me, love reassures me. I love you too.
  5. Let me tell you that I love you deeply. Life with you seems more beautiful. You represent the stars of my nights and the sun of my days. I am crazy about you.

Declarations of love: “I miss you”

Love at a distance is difficult to live with. Whether the physical separation is temporary (less than a week) or long (when partners live in different cities), it puts pressure on the couple.

A declaration of love can then help the two partners to maintain the emotional bond which unites them at a distance.

Indeed, even if they cannot be together physically, that does not mean that the romanticism no longer exists in the couple.

Break the distance with romantic declarations of love:

  1. I want to express all my love to you, to tell you that you are my whole life, that when you are far from me, my heart cries and as soon as I see you my sadness flies away and gives way to happiness. I finally want to be able to tell you that I love you with all my heart.
  2. You are far from me and despite the distance that separates us I never stop loving you and I will always be there for you. I know you will always be with me because you occupy my heart until the end of time.
  3. Each of the kilometers that separate us gives me the strength to hold on. You are far from me but love gives me wings to face the distance that separates us. Our love knows no bounds. We will live happy days together because I love you.
  4. I like to laugh, sing, dance, go to the movies, read and listen to music. But, I don’t like any of these activities more than you. I miss you.
  5. It is said that distance actually brings people together. And, I admit that even if your absence makes me suffer, I have the impression that my feelings for you are growing day by day. I love you my heart !

Distance won’t break our love:

  1. I miss you so much my heart. I can’t wait for you to come back so I can hug you tight and whisper sweet words in your ear.
  2. I think of you when I am awake. And, I think of you when I sleep. Anyway, you still haunt my mind. Surely that is love …
  3. Since we have been living apart, my love for you has grown even stronger. But, I still can’t wait to be under the same roof as you again. A little more and we can fully live our love. I think of you !
  4. I want to laugh with you, snuggle up in your arms and have us kiss again and again. And, I want to sleep with you. I want to wake up by your side and be able to say “I love you” to you every morning.
  5. The distance is great between us, but love brings our hearts together. I can’t wait to meet you again to prove my love to you, give you a hug and cover you with kisses.


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