5 unequivocal signs to understand that you are flirting

How to understand if we are flirting with a person or if his is simple education and nice towards you? Here are the signs that should not be underestimated.

It often happens to meet new people and notice different attitudes, wondering if they are really interested in you or if it is only a kind aspect of their character that they reserve for anyone.

Often this uncertainty could provoke uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

To avoid this, here are five signs to understand if the person in question is really interested or not:

– Observe . Looking into another person’s eyes intensely could mean a lot, because in addition to showing interest in conversation, it could be a way to establish harmony.

– Approaches . If the person often turns to you or if he tries to stay close to you, even within a group, he probably wants to deepen your knowledge.

– Physical contact . If he tries numerous times to establish physical contact with you, even by touching you or looking for your hands, he may be interested not in a simple friendship.

– Copy the movements . Often, if we stare at a person, without even realizing it we tend to replicate his moves.

– Keep an eye on the details . Paying attention to every gesture, which may seem trivial, is important.

In any case, remember: in general, if someone is interested in you, they will not miss an opportunity to show you!

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