5 Types of computer attacks

As we find ourselves in an increasingly digitized society today, threats from the real world have been transported and evolved into the cyber world. These attacks can come on a smaller or larger scale , as they can be intruders on your WiFi network and you do not know how to disconnect them or on a larger scale such as the theft of personal information and the unauthorized use of it.

These attacks can come through corrupted files on the web or through third parties that seek to attack you directly by sending malware files designed to damage files, images, videos and documents with the aim of causing damage to your system. In many cases it is extremely difficult to trace the origin of such attacks , so it is necessary to prevent before they occur.

The spread of computer viruses is not only a computer problem today but a multiplatform problem that can affect any electronic equipment, especially Android or iPhone mobile devices that fulfill the same function of a PC, fortunately these can be eliminated with or without antivirus and without clear the data . It is only necessary to know the basic elements of it for this.

Currently, this represents one of the main problems to take into consideration when browsing the web because such attacks can cause damage to both software and hardware , where the repercussions of the same may not even be noticed with the naked eye, due to the complexity of the same where they can carry out simultaneous attacks to distract from the main objective.

Generally, these attacks arise due to the lack of maintenance and protection that we have on our computers that can lead to other programs of the same until causing a general system failure. Fortunately today, the vast majority of such attacks are directed at information companies and not directly at individuals.

However, this does not mean that we should not take the recommended precautions to avoid an attack, since the theft of personal information can result in significant personal and financial damage due to extortion.


  • Types of computer attacks
  • Prevent a cyber attack

Types of computer attacks

There are several types of cyber attacks, which it is essential to identify them in order to know how to react to them or how to prevent them. Although carrying out a cyber attack is a complex process, identifying one is a quick and easy process. The most common cyber attacks are explained below.


As unusual as it may seem, this type of cyber attack is one of the most common towards a specific person. This consists of losing a piece of paper where you have written down some data from a personal account.


This type of attack consists of observing the victim’s activity via webcam or through their social networks to determine a pattern or vulnerability to attack in the future.


This would be one of the best known to the general public and one of the most common on the web. This consists of the installation of corrupted software that can cause malfunctions in the equipment.


Another of the most frequent types of attacks, which deals with identity theft through files or links of dubious precedence. Being one of the most frequent and difficult to stop, it is essential to make sure where a file comes from before clicking on it.

Prevent a cyber attack

The main thing is to have a good antivirus such as Avast updated where you carry out regular computer scans, which would be the first preventive step to avoid a possible attack. However, the best way to prevent a cyber attack is through caution when browsing the web and downloading files , avoiding clicking on untrusted places.

It is also important to have your computer’s operating system updated so that the antivirus works optimally within the computer without any compatibility problems. Another necessary method to take is to secure the WiFi network to which you connect regularly through encryption to prevent intruders in it that can attack you when you connect to it.


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